Monday, January 18, 2010

A Different Kind of Weekend

Wow, this past weekend was all wonky. I'm glad it's finally Monday and hopefully things will get back to some sort of system and order :)

Daniel was on call over the weekend (he and another guy traded) and was out pretty late Friday night, and had two calls to go on Saturday. Saturday evening we had dinner with his parents and were up late visiting.

About 4am Sunday morning I woke up very suddenly (the kind where you are wide awake RIGHT NOW), realizing Daniel wasn't in the bed. That's really unusual. I immediately called out, asking if he was ok (I saw the night-light on in the bathroom). At the same time I jumped up to go check on him. It ended up that his right ear was hurting so badly that it woke him up and he was in the bathroom trying to get relief with some warm water. He spent the rest of the night (morning) on the couch and I didn't sleep much of a wink because I knew he was in pain and because it was just strange to not have him in bed with me.

We slept in and did not go to Sunday School or church. We were both worn out from the middle of the night escapade and Daniel's ear was still bothering him. You know how men are - when they don't feel good, you just leave them alone and don't pester them - at least that's how Daniel is ;) I suggested that I thought it might be an ear infection and that he might go to Patient First (our "open 365 days/year urgent care" place). Of course he wanted to wait it out and hope that it would get better on it's own. He did take Tylenol (he almost never takes pain meds, so I knew he was really uncomfortable) and slept ALL morning. I didn't want to clang and crash around in the house, so I spent the morning quietly cleaning off the desk and resting.

He spent most of the afternoon dozing off and on, and in the evening we watched a couple movies and he fell asleep again. He woke up when I was going to bed and took more (regular)Tylenol and spent the night on the couch. This morning he called in to work to say he didn't think he could work today (they do not have off for MLK Day), took Extra Strength Tylenol, slept some more and is finally off to Patient First. He said that yesterday his equilibrium was off, so I'm really suspecting some type of ear or inner-ear infection. Hopefully he will be able to get some relief and start to feel better soon!

In the mean-time, I'm enjoying getting back into the routine of things for the week. I enjoyed the lazy day Saturday and Sunday, but I'm also enjoying doing my housework. It is a really nice day here - the sky is clear and it's probably close to 50°, perfect for line-drying the laundry!! Which reminds me... the washer is finished and I need to go hang out the 2nd load :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry Daniel has been suffering so much! I hope it gets better soon. Hannah just finished taking her antibiotics for her ear infections last evening. I'm glad not to be doling out medicine twice a day. At least Daniel can take his own medicine, I hope!

Candi said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry you had such a crazy weekend. I hope your hubby feels better soon. WOW you are awesome to hang out your laundry! What a great energy saving idea, I need to talk to my hubs about putting up a line. Our electric bill is killing us this month. We live in Georgia and have a terrible mosquito problem in our yard, but it might be worth it.