Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Goodbye, 2009

This will be my last post for 2009. The next one will be in 2010. Two-thousand ten. Or twenty-ten. Or two-oh-one-oh. I haven't searched to see if there's a "correct" way to say this coming year's number. It looks more like twenty-ten to me. If it was money, though, it would certainly be two-thousand ten, but it would also be followed by a decimal and preceded by this thing: $.

A couple quick bullet points for 2009:

~ We got pregnant! Probably Definitely the most life-changing, exciting thing in 2009 for us.

~ We took one of our dream vacations when we drove cross-country to Wyoming. We didn't make it to the west coast, or up to Maine (2 places we really want to go!), but we covered a lot of miles and it was fun! Except for the morning sickness on the way back, but whatever.

~ The spring-time was a serious time of trusting the Lord to provide our every need, and you know what? He really does! So often we take everything for granted. When the household income for a month gets down to what you're used to getting in one week, well, the trust-meter shoots way up.

~ I've made so many new friends through blogging this past year, it has been wonderful! I learn new things from you guys every day it seems.

~ We tried to sell our house and buy another house that would have allowed us to be 100% debt free. I still don't understand the "why's," but it was obviously not the thing for us to do when each way we tried to go through that door, it kept slamming in our faces. I think my nose was bruised for a couple weeks. From time to time I still think of how beautiful that old house was...

~ We decided to add on instead! We haven't gotten to stage that involves all the government red tape yet, but we should be able to get our ideas to the blueprint man soon after the New Year. That means I need to finalize where I want windows (We have them pretty figured out, I just want to make sure that it will look ok from outside the house and not like some hodge-podge, didn't-think-about-it-until-too-late kind of job. And start seriously thinking where and how I want light fixtures and switches. Groan. I am very excited, but I am also a very visual person and it's hard for me to sit there and go "yeah, this kind of lighting here, that kind there, and yup, we're good."

We have a very exciting new year coming up for us. We have a lot on our plate, and I hope we can manage it all! I have some posts in mind for once this weekend is over (another Christmas get together) where I'll share different things about what our new year looks like for us.

Since my mini-blogging break will be over New Year's Day,

Happy New Year!!!!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I think since we've been saying "oh-seven", "oh-eight", "oh-nine" and so on for so long, we should say "oh-ten". How's that? Should I submit it to the media and see if it becomes the accepted pronunciation of 2010?

Ahhhh...the addition. Are you sure you need blueprints? We didn't. Anyway, I'm sure you'll do it the right way. Also, lights, well, knock out the seven-year bulbs (that take 2 mo. to fire up and burn correctly), the expensive stuff, and the wierd and bizarre stuff, and you might not have too difficult time choosing what you want!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Sally, After talking with y'all about your addition, it sounds like your county and ours are EXTREMELY different when it comes to what they want to know about what we're doing. Daniel talked with a friend of his who is a contractor, and yes, we do have to submit blueprints, some of them even have to be detailed drawings of how some things will go together. Thankfully we have a friend who is going to do them for us.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

It's great your friend can do it for you---it's sad the county is so picky. I guess we're blessed to be here where we're at.

Have fun figuring it all out! I hope you can make changes when you're actually doing it if you need to.