Wednesday, December 16, 2009

29 Weeks

When I really, really stop and think about it, I could easily freak out that I/we've done very little to get ready for Baby George's arrival so far.

Just now I told myself that I will not stress about it until after the New Year, when everything else should slow down and we can really focus on baby-related stuff.

I'm still feeling good, but my belly gets sore more often as it's getting bigger. Some things just plain down right make it hurt, but not every time. Sometimes I can do something and it works great (putting on underwear, socks, pants, skirts, shoes, anything below the waist, for example!), other times I almost consider not doing whatever it is because it squishes everything and is very uncomfortable.

The easiest way for me to put on my socks is to crawl onto the bed and sit modified Indian style so I can reach each foot without squashing Baby George and all my innards. When I'm not around the bed, things get interesting! Thankfully my shoes are relatively easy to slip on and off without having to tie or untie them very often, so they aren't usually a problem.

Our little baby is growin' like a weed!! He or she now weighs about 2 1/2 lbs and is about 15" long from head to heel. No wonder I'm feeling movements all over the place :) His (or her) bones are soaking up calcium, so it's not a bad thing that I've been drinking lots of chocolate milk lately, just because I've been in the mood for it.

I still go after meat... it's funny, at the beginning of the pregnancy I preferred chicken, now I want BEEF, and lots of it!! If for some reason I don't get much meat in a day, I really start to crave it. My meals are getting interesting. I don't eat as much as I usually would at a meal and I feel stuffed to the gills. Only to be hungry again before the next meal-time! So I'm eating lots of smaller meals. Today I had "lunch" at 11:30, with a 2nd "lunch" around 1. 1st supper was at 5:30, and I had some meatballs when I got home from choir practice and I'll have an apple before I crawl in bed.

Speaking of bed, I should be getting there very soon. It's been late nights and early mornings lately, and it's catching up with me.


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I am ready to see Baby George!!! Sounds like he is going to be a tall young man!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sorry you're having mobility challenges. That's something I never had much problem with. I mean, I did have to stop bending at the waist and squat with my legs instead, but I didn't have problems. I always chalked it up to being VERY active and mobile--with Paul it was working at the hospital so much and squatting down 100 times a day. With Hannah, it was hopping around keeping up with Paul and squatting down 500 times a day. Now that both my kids are walking, I don't have to squat down nearly as much, maybe only 50 times a day. (Your day is coming, and I'll bet you'll become more limber and agile than you can imagine! Little kids will do that for you! And, you won't have a basketball in your tummy to hinder you either.)

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Getting closer, how exciting!