Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation in Bullet Points - Part 2

We spent a day in Joplin, Mo. with Daniel's aunt and uncle. They are such a hoot! We had a really great time with them. They have lived "out west" for all of Daniel's life, so we haven't ever had the opportunity to spend much time with them. It was so fun to get to know them better, and just have fun.

Daniel and Uncle Bill at a grasslands/prairie reserve.
Better picture of the big sky :)

We also visited the Precious Moments place.
This is the main wall in the Precious Moments Chapel,
it's something like 20'x40' or something like that. It's HUGE.
Interestingly enough, alot of the people in the picture have a story
that goes with them. I was also impressed with the biblical background
alot of his paintings have.

Aunt Sandra, Daniel and I outside the gift store. There are several acres at this place,
and the gardens/walkways and everything is so neat to see.
There was canned music of children singing praise songs piped everywhere.