Monday, August 3, 2009

Mixed Emotions over the Garden

Happy emotions:

I just picked 2 tomatoes, and several more are ready! I was one my way back in from taking a walk and decided to check it out since I haven't been out there since we got back from vacation (Daniel looked at it Friday and said everything was fine). Lo and behold, there are tomatoes ready! I need to go back out later and pick the rest of the ripe ones. The peppers are starting to turn, too! I picked one that looks like it has/had blossom end rot? I'm not sure if peppers get that. I think this is the last year I will plant my peppers alongside the tomatoes. I "know" that peppers don't like tomatoes, but up until this year haven't had a problem. My 3 yellow plants have the BIGGEST, and I mean BIGGEST peppers on them I have ever grown, rivaling the size of grocery store peppers if not bigger. They are so beautiful. The red and green peppers, though, are piddly little stalks with puny little ugly peppers on them.

I also saw a zucchini ready to pick! I planted a row of zucchini and a row of squash (I was outa my mind, I know, to plant that much...) and I need to look down the rest of each row to see what's there. I know I saw lotsa blooms!

I was eager to have a fresh, homegrown tomato sandwich and now I can have one for lunch! I think I'll also make zucchini patties for supper and have them with fresh tomatoes :) Ahh, I love eating out of the garden!!

Sad/Mad/Irritated Emotions:

Something has pulled over quite a bit of the maturing corn. I didn't investigate real thoroughly, so I'm not sure if they damaged the ears or just pulled it over, but probably about 1/2 of one row is pulled over. Daniel said he thought about 3 stalks were pulled over yesterday, so either something was busy last night, or he didn't see them all. Last year we had a skunk doing that, and we still have the Havahart trap from that experience. I guess we will be setting the trap tonight to see what we can catch. Rascal was barking in the middle of the night last night so I wonder if "the critter" wasn't out there last night doing it's thing. It's not unusual for Rascal to bark in the middle of the night (don't worry, we don't applaud or encourage it, we discourage it!), but it was more his "come play with me!" bark which would be what he would think of a skunk. Usually his night bark is more his "there's a ferocious, venomous, evil squirrel (or bird, or deer, or anything perfectly harmless and minding it's own business) that's going to destroy the whole planet, me included!!!!!" bark.

So yeah. I'm excited about the fresh produce that we are finally able to enjoy, but irked that the corn is getting torn up. Hopefully we'll catch whatever it is tonight and no more damage will happen.

I will hopefully take some pictures later on today and post them, but for now I just wanted to share :)


horse loving lineman's wife said... [Reply to comment]

MMMM. That all sounds yummy!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I feel your pain! Sometimes I wonder why I bother to garden, and I don't think I have near the problems you have. I hope you catch the culprit!