Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Grocery Shopping 8/5/09

I didn't use a single coupon this week. Nothing edible was on sale with coupons at Kroger this week, and only one thing on my "must have" list was on sale period, so I ditched Kroger and went to WalMart instead. It's a bit closer and after spending all afternoon in the kitchen boiling and cutting corn, I was all about the easy way out. Some things were a bit pricier (the eggs) but other things were cheaper I'm sure. The butter was actually the cheapest for stick butter that I've seen for a bit. I might have to start checking WalMart more often.

Bread - $2.74 (I had no desire to make bread. Lack of spitherinktom is expensive.)
Bagels - $1.97
5# Potatoes - $3.47 (since I can't grow my own ... :/ )
Velveeta Cheese - $5.36 (wanting to make potato salad is expensive, too)
Butter - $1.92
Cucumber - $.50 (I saved $.08!!!!! WOWWWWW)
Raisins - $2.98 (Now I can make Oatmeal Raisin Cookies...)
Applesauce - $1.72
Cornmeal - $1.06 (unnecessary purchase - somehow I thought we were out. Lo and behold I have some in the cupboard already. Grr)
1.5# String Cheese - $5.58
1 1/2 doz. Eggs - $1.92

Total - $29.95

I also bought 3 boxes of canning lids since tomorrow will be the start of my canning season. I have 2 pots of Roma tomatoes on the stove to slow cook overnight, by tomorrow they will be ready to run through the juicer and then I'll get to figure out what all I want to do with it. I'll probably get a couple quarts, but I'm not sure if I'll can quarts or pints.

By the way - the nifty, beat-up, rusty-legged card table that my groceries are on? It's the grandest thing to pull out and put in the middle of my kitchen floor during canning/freezing season. It provides extra work space without crowding the room. This afternoon I threw a big towel over it and used it for my corn cutting station. The towel was to catch all the splatters so I wouldn't have to scrub dried on corn splatter off the table :)


Sarah said... [Reply to comment]

Wish I could say I only spent 30 bucks on groceries today!

Good job!

And I love your table.

Meghan said... [Reply to comment]

I am very curious...why do you put Velveeta in your potato salad? Guess I am a cheese snob from WI : ) and would like to see the recipe! Please!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Ok, Cheese-Snob-From-Wisconsin, I'll have to post the recipe when I make it :) I'm a very picky potato salad person and don't like what most people call "potato salad" (cooked potatoes with mayo, S&P - YUCK). I prefer what is sometimes called "Dutch Potato Salad", which takes Velveeta Cheese :)