Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Quick Post...

Hopefully the modem will stay alive long enough this morning for me to post real quick...

I've been staying super busy the past few days. Yesterday I picked up my sister from the airport (a day later than it was supposed to be, her flight got cancelled...) then ended up standing around for another hour waiting to see if her checked bag came through... and it didn't! And of course it's the one with all her clothes and gifts in :( Then we hit the gas station and bathroom in high speed, then high-tailed it up the highway to meet another sister in Charlottesville to take Lucy the rest of the way to the Valley.

I'd originally had a hair appointment for 12:30 yesterday afternoon... when Lucy's flight got cancelled and her next one was coming in at 12:30, I cancelled and at that point they had a 4 & 5 o'clock appointment still open. By the time I got Lucy's final schedule, the 5 o'clock one was the only one open. Now, I wasn't in need of an emergency hair-cut, but I was starting to really need a trim pretty badly, and wanted to get it done. Of course if everything had gone smoothly and like it's "supposed" to, I would've been able to go back home (after Charlottesville), do a little stuff, change my clothes, brush my hair and teeth, and look like a civil human being for my haircut. Instead, I careened into the parking lot right at 5 o'clock, stroogly hair, unbrushed teeth and all... and got my hair trimmed :D

Last night I mixed up a double batch of chocolate chip cookies and baked 4 dozen (BIG cookies) and a pineapple upside down cake. This morning I'm mixing up a double batch of vanilla wafers for another 4 dozen cookies, then I need to deliver it all to a lady by 2pm. Then I get to mix up 3 doz. rolls to take for another order at the Christmas Eve service at church tonight.

I'm staying busy, but I FINISHED my sewing at 1:30 Monday night!! Yay! And, LOL... this is really funny. I was starting to get worried about the last few e-bay orders that hadn't come yet. I was eager for our new modem to get here so I could go online and check with the sellers. Last night Daniel said "did the new modem come?" I said no, and he said "Hmm, lemme check the front door in case it's out there". He opened the door, and there was a stack of packages!! I'm sure the UPS/FedEx man was getting a kick out of us not getting our packages, but we NEVER use the front door, and usually they leave them at the back door. All my e-bay orders are in (means my gifts are all here!), but the modem didn't come. Maybe it will come today.

The tech guy when I called the phone company said our modem is out of date and probably just not working because of it's age, so he's sending us a new one, PLUS he upgraded our speed from 1.5 to 3.0, AND our bill will go down $5!!!

I know this is just a lot of rambling... sorry :) I guess ramblings kinda what's going on here lately. Nothing crazy busy ish... sorta... just something going on all the time. Monday night (the coldest night yet!!) we went carolling with some long-time family friends. It was SO cold! At least for what we're used to. It was 17­°F when we got back.

Well, I must go finish those cookies so I can get them packaged and delivered. I put up the Christmas tree (tiny one) last night :) Maybe I'll be able to do a little more decorating while the rolls are rising and baking this afternoon.

I hope you're all staying sane and are able to remember the True meaning of CHRISTmas!

I love you, my bloggy friends!! Y'all have a Very, Merry Christmas!!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Good to see you back at the blog! I'm more busy than I can describe right now, but things are going along fairly decently. We just got back from a Christmas Eve service at our church. I must get moving right along because I hope to get to bed before 1:00 a.m.!

Merry Christmas to you!