Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Groceries and Deals for This Week

I put everything in one picture today, but I'll break the itemization down by store.
Lettuce - $1.45
7 Kiwi - $2.34
Sandwich Cheese - $1.39
10 Kroger OJ - $10.00 (Stock-up Sale!!) - not all pictured
(2) Kroger Yogurt - $.88
Kroger Butter - $2.50
Batteries - $2.05
~ $.50 P&G esaver Q, $.75 Q
Goody ponytail holders - FREE (or $.01 moneymaker)
~ $2 IPQ, $1 Shortcuts Q
Kroger Catsup - $1.12
Colgate Total - $.25
~ $1.50 Cellfire Q, $.75 Q
(2) Olay Ribbons Body Wash - $.99 ea.
~ BOGO P&G esaver Q, (2) $1 Q's
(2) Cottonelle - FREE (or $.50 moneymaker)
~ $.50 Cellfire Q, (2) $.50 Q's (each doubles to $1)
Total Before Savings: $45.55
Total Kroger OOP: $23.45
Total Savings (includes Plus Card savings): $22.10 or 49%
I'm really tickled with this :) The OJ is a stock up thing for sure... I normally wouldn't buy that many at one time, but this is a GREAT sale on store-brand OJ!! This stock up will save me several $$ in the long run. I kinda felt like I wasted the Cottonelle Cellfire Q (though it's not really wasted... it made my overall OOP $.50 less), but once it's on your card, it comes off the next time you purchase that item. Thankfully a couple other coupons came off the card that I didn't realize were on there and I was buying those items - a nice surprise :)

Food Lion:
huge Vegetable Oil - $7.35 (stock-up item)
Miracle Whip - $4.19
~ $1.19 MVP savings
FL water (not pictured) - $.79 (I don't normally buy water, but my throat was tickling, I was coughing and my water bottle was empty!)
Total Before Savings: $12.33
Total FL OOP: $11.42
Total Savings: $1.19 or 10%

2 Dr. Pepper & 2 Pepsi - $19.56 ($4.89 ea.)
~ $6.56 CVS Sale ($1.64 ea.)
~ $5 ECB's from last week
Total Before Savings: $19.56
Total CVS OOP: $8.20 ($2.05 ea.!!!!!!)
Total Savings: $11.56 or 59%

Whole trip total before savings: $77.44
Whole trip OOP: $43.07
Whole trip savings: $34.85 or 45%

Not as good on the % saved as I wanted, but some of these things like the OJ and sodas, you have to stock up while it's a good deal, otherwise you pay out the nose and wazoo later. The gallon of veg. oil didn't help the budget this week, either, but it will last a long time... I hope!! And it was cheaper to buy it this way than the smaller containers.

Oh yeah, and I went to a new Kroger that opened last week, and today they were giving out a free bag of Rolled Gold Choc. Dipped pretzels to the first 500 customers in the door after 9am. So I got a bag of those!! Not all of them made it home - in the bag, that is.

Unless there are super-duper coupons or sales the next two weeks, I probably won't do my regular weekly grocery shopping. I imagine the stores will be crazy and only a dire need or an amazing-can't-pass-it-up sale will lure me in :) I have plenty of eggs in the frige from the weekend when Food Lion was running a 2 day sale on them for $.88/dozen, so I bought 5 dozen. They will keep for a while and eggs are expensive enough these days!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

One keen shopper, I would say. You are probably staving off Alzheimer's with all the brainwork you put into your groceries, sale papers, couponing, etc. I'm sure it does at least as good, or better, than playing Scrabble. Probably as good as playing chess!