Friday, October 17, 2008

What's Up??

Ha ha, it was fun to come back to multiple comments/emails from people wondering what was going on that I wasn't posting!!

Was I deathly ill?
Was I pregnant?
Were we on vacation?

I had every intention of sneakily scheduling several posts so that you wouldn't think I was missing a beat over here... but ha ha, that didn't happen.

Friday mid-afternoon we left here and drove to another couple's house, and then carpooled from there to Sandbridge Beach for our annual Sunday School's couple's retreat. We got home late Sunday afternoon.

Monday morning Daniel changed the starter on his truck and I started packing stuff for our vacation and getting things around here ready for us to be gone for a couple days (you know how it is...).

We left mid-afternoon for our vacation. The gist of our vacation (Mon - Thurs) was: driving, camping. Yup. Hours and hours of driving. Like hours and hours and hours. But it was fun :) Daniel and I both like driving around, so that's what we do for our "fun time". We only rode a teeny tiny bit of interstate at one point.

The first night we spent at Jellystone State Park in Luray. It was COOOOOLLLLLLDDDDD. I had goosebumps ALL OVER, and kept waking up in the middle of the night. Daniel didn't seem to think it was too cold. He has more fur than I do, and that's ok!! I was glad I packed all 3 blankets and the sleeping bag!!

Then we drove all day and wound up at Joel & Rachel's Tuesday night. We all went out to eat for supper, and then spent a nice cozy night indoors (thanks to them giving up their heater so we could be warm in our bedroom! What a sacrifice and muchly appreciated!!!). Then mid-morning we hit the road again and wound up at Kerr Lake (also "Bugg's Island")... well, at the far-western end of it, and stayed at a state park there. It wasn't NEARLY as cold, and I slept pretty decently. Oh, ha ha, we also played "Tic-Tac-Toe" and "Hang-Man" in the tent before going to sleep. It was alot of fun. It was the first time I'd played Hang-Man, and it was fun to play in the half-dark (we had our crank "lantern" for light - it's better than nothing).

Early afternoon we loaded everything up and drove around the one side of the lake to see the dam, and then meandered our way back home, getting here shortly before dark.

So for those of you that were wondering:

Yes, I have fallen ill - with a cold.
No, it's not morning sickness, but I could say that I've been sick the past several mornings, ha ha.
No, we haven't cancelled our internet connection.
Yes, I missed reading your blogs! I really did think about what y'all were up to that I was missing.
Yes, we were simply on vacation :)

And now that I'm not "stuck in a truck" for hours on end with no idea where or when the next bathroom stop might be, I plan to get off here and start drinking tons and tons of water to further this cold along towards the "leaving" part of the process.

And I'll do a post later on with pictures and more fun details :)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oooohhh, owwwwww, my behind feels flat even thinking of your vacation. I'm glad you could take one, and glad you enjoyed it.

Where in the world did you find cold weather and get goosebumps and need a heater! We have been sweltering and sweating around here up until today!! I have had windows open all night, and still wishing it was cooler.

Welcome home to modern conveniences like a bathroom whenever you want it!

Angie said... [Reply to comment]

I sure am glad that you're ok! I had to decorate a cake WITHOUT YOU!!! You know what that was like???!!!!!! WAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

I used your recipe for the icing. We haven't eaten the cake yet but I tried the icing. It's good. I colored it pink. :0)

Hugs and glad that you two are safe! I sure was worried!! You shouldn't scare ME like that!! LOL