Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Menu and Groceries for 2 Weeks

Ahh, what a lovely fall morning! The sky is clear and blue, and it's not terribly chilly out there... I even had my wash hung out by quarter to 10! It should be a good "cool" drying day out there.

So I did my menu planning and shopping yesterday. I got everything from Walmart - Kroger didn't have any sales worthy of my driving all the way over there, so I stuck close to home.

box of trash bags (Glad brand was cheaper than store brand!): $7.12
7 cans corn: $4.41
Sesame Oil: $2.64
Brown Sugar: $1.56
Dish Soap: $.97 (I was getting desperate trying to stay well under-budget!)
2 Orange Drink mix: $1.36
2 OJ mix: $2.84
Swiss Cheese: $2.42
FF Cream Cheese: $1.18
3lb Gala Apples: $3.88
8oz mushrooms: $1.78
Munchies mix: $3.50
Corn Chips: $1.47
1 doz. eggs: $1.52
Total: $37.76
woop, woop!! Under budget: $12.24

Wow, I really, really had to scramble my purchases to come out "under" that much. I had to scratch a few things off the list. And of course last night I suddenly remembered that I had broccoli on the menu and forgot to buy broccoli!! I know I have some in the freezer, but I will just either make it stretch, or figure something out.

The big bag of corn chips were super cheap, and don't taste so bad - they're decent and will fit the purpose of "chips"!! The dish soap... well, I use my dishwasher like a mad woman, so I don't do alot of hand washing except for really big or "food-stuck-on" stuff, so I figured I could make do with cheaper soap - otherwise I just use it for hand soap in the kitchen, so cheap is even more appropriate! And the "Orange Drink" mix... it's a budget saver!! So the ingredients list probably reads something like "sugar, orange color, water, ... and then some kind of fruit juice goop that is leftover from everything else"... but it doesn't taste bad at all, and mixed with the "expensive" (ha ha!!) store-brand cheapo OJ concentrate, it all tastes pretty good! It helps cover up the sour, rindy taste that comes through in the OJ sometimes.

Yay, now I have some more $$ to put to the meat fund :)

Ok, ok, I need to get to the Menu:
Mon - Hamburger Barley Stew, leftover Cornbread from MIL
Tue - Baked Chicken, Brown Buttered Potatoes, Peas
Wed - Plantation Supper
Thur - Leftover Hamburger Barley Stew, leftover Cornbread from MIL
Fri - dinner with our small group, I'll be taking some kind of dessert thing
Sat - Beefy Asian Rice (recipe from Aliisa's blog)
Sun - Leftover Plantation Supper
Mon - Chicken Cherry Roll-Ups, Broccoli
Tue - Pork Roast, Sauerkraut, Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans
Wed - Chicken (or turkey) Pot-Pie
Thur - Pork BBQ (from pork roast), Oven Baked Beans
Fri - Deep Sea Chicken (Chicken/Rice Cass), Broccoli
Sat - Sunday School Fall Picnic - taking baked corn (thus all the cans of corn since I like to save my homegrown stuff for eating plain!)
Sun - Leftovers

So... there you have it :)


Aliisa and Sundy said... [Reply to comment]

From Aliisa:

I think the reason it does that is because I linked it to Gayles Blog for the recipe swap. Maybe I have done something wrong....not sure.

Sorry about that...hopefully I will figure it all out *lol* one of these days.

BTW...you can always email me, the link is on my blog!!

Aliisa and Sundy said... [Reply to comment]

From Aliisa:

Your menu looks great!! I do have a question, what is the plantation supper?

You have done great with your shopping!!! So do you like shopping for 2 weeks better than 1 week at a time? I find that I actually save more money shopping 2 weeks at a time.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Yeah, I wondered what plantation supper is to--are you going to a plantation, or are you making a plantation?

I also wondered why in the world you were buying canned corn. I'm glad you explained. Good reason!

Sounds like good food is about to hatch out of your kitchen!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Well... it seems I'll have to do a recipe post about Plantation Supper! It is a recipe, really good, easy, and cheap :) Maybe I'll do it Friday for the recipe swap.