Friday, October 3, 2008


Plug your ears if you don't want to hear this one.


The cakes turned out fine. The icing smells wonderful, but just doesn't "feel" right, and wants to sag off the cake, almost like it's too soft. I'm about to the point of scraping the cakes off, throwing out that batch of frosting and making a new batch.

I'm seriously considering throwing in the towel with making cakes for people. This is a SIMPLE cake. It's even SMALL. Why, why, why, why why? I know I CAN do this, because I DO do this. Why can it never be right the first time? They taste great! But the process between the mixing/baking and the beautification is insane. Maybe I can just require everyone to wear blindfolds to the reception tomorrow so they don't see a dumpy looking cake, and only taste how absolutely DELISH I KNOW it is? Why do wedding cakes have to be perfect anyway?

I swan, next time I get married (ok, just kidding!!!!) I will have brownies, or cupcakes, or Krispie Kreme donuts... maybe even just chocolate chip cookies and ice cream. I think that is a splendid idea, don't you? (hint hint to anybody thinking about getting married out there!) There is no earthly way that you can pay me or anybody else what it is worth in time and stress to create a beautiful cake worthy of your wedding day. Ok, so maybe like a billion dollars might work.

Allright, I will go make a decision. And remember - you hired me to do this knowing that I was not a pro, so if you don't get pro-like results... well, at least it TASTES better than "pro".

Update: Tada! Guess what? I decided to scrape the icing off and start over. Daniel called while he was in WalMart picking up a dowel rod (for the cake that I forgot I was out of), and he was able to pick up some more 10x sugar and shortening. As if everything else wasn't enough:
My beaters broke!!
Thankfully, I had a stand mixer in the cupboard that I never use b/c it doesn't have a turntable for the bowl to sit on. I was going to have to use it anyway. I got it out, went to use it, and lo and behold - the head DOES come off! Voila!! Now my NEW icing is all mixed up, a MUCH better texture - I'm still clueless about the other batch, it was not "like itself" at all. Oh well, now I have 5 batches of yummy, almond/vanilla flavored buttercream icing to freeze and figure out something to do with! Maybe we'll have lots of carry ins that I can take cupcakes to.
Now I'm hoping that this icing will go on super-duper smooth and easy and effortlessly like it's supposed to, and I can be done in another hour or so. Wish me luck!!


simple~needs said... [Reply to comment]

can you add some more sugar to it?? maybe its the weather? my grandma used to say that when we were doing divinty and fudge. :)
post us some pics when you are done, pretty please??!!

"Cents"able Momma said... [Reply to comment]

I'm sure it looks beautiful...based on the cake that you did in August :-).

I'm assuming that you're using the recipe for frosting with the trans-fat free shortening? I had to switch from my normal recipe when they took trans fat out of Crisco.

Also, if you live a high humidity place, doesn't it make the frosting run a bit. I don't have a fridge big enough for my cakes, so I put them in the basement during the summer to keep the colors from running.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Poor Miriam. You have my sympathy. I know the feeling, but I don't think I have ever had an experience quite that bad. I know I have never had my beaters break in the middle. I think (not certain) that there were a few cakes I cried over at home.