Friday, September 26, 2008

Tackling the Laundry Room - After!

Wow, if I could find this every time I do some cleaning, I don't know if you could stop me!! These two jars were on the shelf previously to our moving things around, and they got put in a box - the box went on the shelf, but of course I never looked in it!
This is my "laundry find" money :) Not bad, aye? Ta-da!! The sparkly clean shelf! Put on your shades, the washer and dryer are actually a bright white color!
(aren't they pretty, all cleaned off?) And finally, the reorganized and re-loaded laundry shelf:
When I finally use up my laundry soap (it seems like it's lasting FOREVER now that I want to use it up!!), I'll have to figure out a new way to store home-made laundry soap in my laundry room! I wonder if it's "juicy" enough to use in the dispenser? Anybody that's made it... do you know if it would work in that kind of thing (like the purple jug with the "drink like" spout)?


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Your laundry room looks great! Congratulations! For an unsolicited report on my progress--I vacuumed the floors again today! No forward motion, just cyclical repetitions. Well, I did a little bit of decluttering of the dining room table and kitchen.

Great money find too. When I went through my dude boxes a year or so ago, I was surprised at the birthday money I found still in birthday cards! Boy was I glad I hadn't just hauled the boxes to the dump without going through each card and envelope.

Phoebe said... [Reply to comment]

Regarding the homemade laundry soap...I think that it is a bit too chunky to use in the spout majiggy. With mine, I use a small (i think 8 gal) trash can which is what I mix it in and store the bulk of it there. Then I put some in a small plastic canister thing and keep that on my shelf by the washer with my measuring cup. The trash can, I put under the sink in my laundry room so it is out of sight.

And actually, I've made it 2 different ways with the same was relatively runny so it would go through the spout, but the last batch was more gel-like (which I like better) and it def. wouldn't work.

simple~needs said... [Reply to comment]

i use the homemade soap, but mine is the dry kind so i store it in a nice canister. ;) i love, love, love the smell of the homemade soap over the store bought. check out my blog, there is a post on there somewhere. :)

your laundry area looks great!! i needto clean mine out and post some pics too.