Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday's Menu and Groceries

This week I really wanted to come away from the store without spending very much at all... like, $10 kind of not very much. I especially though I could probably wing it since we're having leftovers or freezer food all but 1 night this week. Yeah... sure. Har har.

The Menu:
Mon - Leftover Pork, Leftover Green Beans and Peas, maybe potatoes
Tue - Chicken Calzones from the freezer, leftover Spaghetti Sauce
Wed - Leftover Pizza
Thur - Beef Barley Stew from freezer, Cornbread
Fri - Dinner with In-Laws
Sat - Pizza, Peach Pie and Ice Cream - company over
Sun - any leftovers or sandwiches

1 lb butter: $2.54 (we were totally out of butter, I had to start using margarine on toast)
Ranch Dressing: $1.22

2 OJ: $2.84
16oz LF Cottage Cheese: $1.72
24 slice American Cheese: $3.24
1 lb. block Mozz. Cheese: $3.22
2.3lb grapes: $4.55
1 doz eggs: $1.48
box Ice Cream: $2.50
Total: $23.89
under budget $1.11

I will admit that I strayed from my list today (*gasp!*). I did not have the Cottage Cheese or Grapes on my list. I even picked up a 12 pk. of Cherry Coke for DH. That went back when my total was over $25. I wish I had put the grapes back instead. I was disappointed in the grapes - the sign over the display said "$1.98". Period. That was all it said. Dummy me thought "wow, a bag of grapes for $1.98, what a deal! I will weigh a couple bags and get the heaviest one, and REALLY get a deal!!" I almost mentioned to the cashier lady that they were falsely advertised since the price was not noted as "per pound" on the display. I don't REALLY need to have grapes, just wanted some "fresh fruit" to snack on this week (and next week). The Cottage Cheese I eat on my peaches for breakfast most mornings. I don't "have" to have it, but remembered that I was out, and had wanted to get some more.

Sigh. That's what you get for making your list in a hurry, and for not STICKING the THE LIST, like I preach - oops, I mean advise others to do.


Phoebe said... [Reply to comment]

You know, a few months back I expireienced the same thing with the grapes. It said 1.98 too, nothing else. I bought 2 bags, my kids devour them, and I had sticker shock when the total came up to like $7/bag. I told the cashier and she told me that they are always sold by pound and I should've known that...I made her take both of them off my ticket! Gotta pay attention or they'll getcha!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Sorry that the grapes got you! We are still working on the last of our plums over here. Then the only fresh fruit we will have it tomatoes, if you care to consider them a fruit.

Sounds like you will be able to get a lot done this week, eating a lot of leftovers and freezer food. I am trying to vacuum and wash my floors! I have been doing it all day. I now have all but the carpeted rooms vacuumed, and the kids are in bed. I will wash the kitchen & bathroom and the parts of the dining room that need it. It will go faster with everyone in bed. *sigh* The bathroom still looks like it has been neglected for a few weeks (which it has). And, I need to clean up the kitchen & dishes. *sigh* I had better get off here and get busy.

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

When I have a list I seem to do pretty darn good, but it seems like I forget the list more than I remember it. I've started keeping a small notebook for my list in my purse so I always have it with me and it seems to be helping. I also hate when they don't put the "per lb" on the tags. They don't always sell by the pound - like their strawberries aren't always by the pound!

Aliisa and Sundy said... [Reply to comment]

From Aliisa:

Dont feel too bad, you did a great job staying within your budget. And if it makes you feel any better, I broke my #1 rule of grocery shopping.....I took my husband and daughter. I just wanted to get some fruit and some good sandwich stuff for the weekend. I had just gotten my grocery money so it was ok, I would just take that from what I had. OK, so $80 later, we left the store!!! That is what I get for shopping with them and without a list. On the plus side, they had lots of meat marked down and put my ground turkey on sale at .99 cents a pound so I did stock up. Good news is, I really dont need anything except Milk this week!!