Monday, September 29, 2008

Monday's Menu & Groceries

2 pks BallPark Beef Bunsize hotdogs: $4.00 (had a $1 off 2 coupon)
16 oz. sour cream: $1.26
16oz. bacon: $2.68
celery: $1.48
frozen broccoli: $1.98
2 cans red beans: $1.00
12 pk. Pepsi: $3.00
big bag Doritos: $3.50
25lb sugar (not pictured): $11.82
Total: $31.51
over budget: $6.51 :(

I got kinda frustrated with myself... mostly for going "over", but also because when we got home I realized I could've saved a little, but I hadn't thought about those ideas until we were home!! I totally forgot to take along a little "piece of paper" that I had written down that Food Lion was running a sale on bacon (would've saved $.68). Also, I have several lbs. of Pinto Beans in the cupboard... and I BOUGHT "red beans" to go in the taco soup. I didn't buy kidney beans because they were $.08 more per can... so since I was just going for "beans", I could've easily cooked up a few of those pintos instead of buying some canned beans. Oh well. I about passed out when we went to buy sodas. (I keep saying "we" because Daniel was along since he has today off.) On the shelf both Pepsi and Coke were marked $4.28 a case!!!!. That came out to
$.35 a can! I just looked at Daniel with an "I don't know about you, but I think you're gonna have to kick this habit if we're not gonna go broke" kinda look. I told him we had enough left on the shelf here to last until next week if he could get by on 1 can a day. He said he thought he could probably do that, so we left those price-of-gold sodas on the shelf. We were getting ready to walk to the checkout when we found a display of Pepsi marked 2/$6 ($3 case). That was still more than a really great deal, but alot more feasible!! So we got a case (I told him I was going to hide it! ... just kidding... kinda.... :P ) I also managed to pick up the case of Pepsi "just right" to knock a whole stack of cases over onto my leg/ankle!! Oh, it was painful! They kinda hit my leg and slid down. I have a brush burn on my ankle, and it's looking like a pretty bruise is starting to show, but otherwise I'm fine... just my ego a little hurt :(

Ok, on to the Menu:
Mon: Creamy Tortellini - made with Rotini instead (from Erin's $5 Dinner blog)
Tue: Taco Soup (crockpot)
Wed: Showalter's Chicken Casserole
Thurs: Super Easy Crockpot Hamburger Vegetable Soup w/ fresh bread from bread machine
Fri: Crockpot Potato Chowder (will use ham slices from the freezer instead of bacon), broccoli
Sat: Daniel's 5th yr. college reunion
Sun: Leftovers!

You might notice the "vast" amount of crockpot meals this week... that would be because I'm making another wedding cake this weekend, starting on Wednesday, so I really want to have meals that I don't have to do anything with.


Liz said... [Reply to comment]

I wish as was as organized as you! I really need to just sit down & really plan menus. I have good intentions, just little follow through. I hope your leg doesn't bruise too badly and isn't sore!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

hey, are those different flavored nachos any good? I have had the Ranch, but no others. What's your opinion?

Angie said... [Reply to comment]

Good job w/shopping. My will is just terrible! I can't pass up the "good deal"! LOL

Hugs, Angie

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Oh, my! Well, maybe all the times you were under budget will even this one out. I'm sorry you were so disappointed. I am with you on the soda pop habit though. I can't stand the stuff, hardly ever, by my wonderful husband is fairly well...well...addicted to it. (What else do you call it?) I hate to tell you how big the mountain of cans is waiting to go to the little neighbor boy who collects them to turn them into cash.
I am waiting to see when liver shows up on the menus! I will remind you again, that is some really good, high-quality liver, and I wish I was eating it myself. I'll just think about it whenever you mention it. Remember to fry it in steak grease or bacon grease, and to season it with steak seasoning. And use lots of onions!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Lucy: Daniel said the flavored nachos were good - 3/4 ranch flavored and 1/4 pizza flavored (all mixed together of course).

Sally: I agree, it is an addiction to soda. I can't wait to eat our coupon-bought hot-dogs with your relish, and have good ol' liver 'n' onions with the liver!! Daniel isn't too sure about "big cow" liver (he's used to baby beef), but I assured him that good "big cow" liver is very very good too.