Wednesday, November 19, 2008

My "Skillz" Are Bein' Noticed!!

I've got to make or take time sometime soon to take pictures of my coupon binder. Basically it's a snazzy zippered 3 ring binder with a few extra bells and whistles, filled with cheap tabbed dividers and baseball card holders. And of course I have it all organized and set up so I know exactly what section coupons are in.

Anyway... since I've established my Coupon Binder, I take it pretty much into any store I go into. Almost. If it's a grocery store, it goes with me. I didn't take it to choir practice with us, but if I'd thought about it I'd have thrown it in the car "just in case". You never know, ya know?

When I get in the store, I grab a buggy (cart). My pocketbook goes in the child seat, and the coupon binder lays on top of the child seat (most carts it overlaps the front and back and rests nicely). NORMALLY I wouldn't let my pocketbook off my arm one second, but the binder covers it up really well, and it would take some serious shenagelling to get to my pocketbook if someone was trying to steal it. Is shenagelling a word? It sounds like a good one, anyway. I'm sure you know what I mean.

Of course it's laying there open for all the world to see, and I'm standing there flipping pages, pulling out store salepapers, consulting shelf labels and coupon-fine-print, etc. That's the new way I shop.

Today I was in Kroger in the baking aisle. A family of sorts (it seemed like it anyways) came down the aisle looking for cornmeal. It appeared to be Grandma in the wheely cart, and either children or grandchildren helping her shop. I moved my buggy to the side so they could get past and look for their cornmeal, and after walking past (they were talking most of the time amongst themselves), the guy looked at me and said, " 'scuse me, are you a sales representative or a shopper??" I said "I'm just a customer:)" He turned to the rest of his group and said "wow, would you look at that!? She's the real deal!! She's got coupons and everything! She's got a whole 'folio goin' on an' all!!" I had to chuckle.

Another dude, an employee of the store, has either taken a shine to me or is just being friendly. He was my cashier the first time I was in there 2 weeks ago, and noticed my coupons. Last week I was shopping and he was walking past and said "hey, how ya doin'?" This week I specifically went through another cashier's lane (I don't want him to get the wrong idea or anything!), and between his customers he greeted me and made some small talk. I have some very prominent *bling* on my left ring finger (the kind that says MARRIED) and it's the real deal and means business, so I'm hoping he's just being a friendly guy. I really like this Kroger store and don't want to change.

Anyway, just thought y'all might find that interesting :P I promise to get up pictures of my binder some day. Just not today. I will be glad when my "skillz" are honed down enough that I can zip in and out of the store in less than a whole morning and part of the afternoon. Well, I had a ton of errends to run today, too.

See y'all next time!!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Gotta get out those sunglasses! You might get detected even more! Well, now all you need is a good, solid, workin'-for-the-customer Kroger employee to alert you to mark-downs, damaged cans, and where the brands are that are on specials so as to save you time as you save money! I'm looking forward to pictures of your coupon system.

I've gotta get to bed. I can't believe it is after mid-night. No wonder I can hardly type.

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

haha. If the man is smart at all, he'll watch out for you...or that bling will hit him on the backside of his head!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Rock on Miriam! You're doing a good job, I think. Just keep it up and if you do a good job when the sales are good you can take a break later. Way to you get Daniel pulled into your schemes. Rennie even enjoys getting noticed for "his" saving/couponing skills.

I wouldn't worry too much about the cashier, unless he wants to talk about more than groceries. I have a few "friends" too. You might find the friendly cashiers are your allies because they enjoy seeing how much you're gonna save and they don't mind the whole coupon thing. If something doesn't work right at the register they know you're going to ask and can handle it better...usually.

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

Oh Miriam! You make me laugh! When I read the part about the family asking if you were a sales rep or shopper - gosh that gave me a good laugh! I could really picture it!