Monday, November 3, 2008

I'm thinking about....

Doing the whole couponing thing!!!!

I'm so excited I could pee my pants - or not, but I'm really excited. And nervous.

After church this morning we "had" to run by WalMart so I could buy some (2) Sunday newspapers. I was nervous about buying newspapers. I'd never done it before. The cashier asked me "um, you know you have 2 here, right?" Oh yes, dear lady, I WANT 2!!! Not really what I said, but you get the point :)

I've been checking blogs and forums and coupon websites and all kinds of things. I think I'm going to name November "Couponing Experiment Month"... and hopefully it'll work out so well I can just keep on going!

So...... wish me luck! And any advice for a first timer? I'm planning to tackle Kroger and CVS on Tuesday - if I can wait that long.

Short 'n' sweet, I know that's what this post is, but really I just wanted to shout it out to the world!!!!

(And thanks, Judi!! I now know a real, live, warm-blooded, not-just-read-about-on-the-internet, couponer who allowed me to pick her brain and talk both of her ears off at our Sunday School picnic yesterday.)

And yes... I've been training myself to say "coo-pon" and not "keeeewwww-pon". It sounds weird to me, but that's the way I hear 99.9% of "other" people saying "coupon", and I want to be in the majority and not the weird-ority. I guess you do say "sooop" and not "seeewwwp" for "soup", so it kinda makes sense.... I'm still not convinced.


Phoebe said... [Reply to comment]

Yippee!! It's a blast, and the savings is just down right addicting! You'll be fully converted in no time! :)
I'm still a newbie myself, but if you need anything..just ask.

Oh....and you've got 2 of the best stores to coupon at, Kroger and CVS. I have neither one of those...but oh so envious of the all the deals to be had there.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Hats off to you lady! You are in deep now, really deep! Andrew said some stores have a policy that if it comes up that they owe you money, they don't pay it to you. So, don't get too disappointed if you don't MAKE any money. I'm sure you'll save money.

I still say keeewww-pon. It's a very deep-set habit. Besides, the dictionary has both pronunciations!!

debbie said... [Reply to comment]

Welcome to the ranks. Be sure you get your Kroger card if you haven't already. I got about 30 or 40 coupons from Kroger this weekend for being 'a preferred customer' (it just means I spend too much money there). There was 4 coupons for free items (and not cheapy stuff either)...things like Ritz crackers, cashews and I forget the others. But you can do pretty good if you watch the sales and add the coupons to that sale. Just combine the two and sit back and bask in your savings. It is truly a 'cheap' high.