Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Groceries 11/12 (and a SWEET Food Lion deal!)

My shopping trip today started out at Krogers:
I believe that deciding to go early Wednesday morning proved to be a good thing :)

Here's the rundown:
10 bags Nestle Chocolate ($1.65/ea after coupon)
~ 5 Semi-Sweet Chunks
~ 3 Milk Chocolate/Peanut Butter Swirl
~ 2 Semi-Sweet Mini's
(2) $1/3 coupons (11/2 SS)
(2) $.75/2 IPQ
$5 off at register (for the 10 Mix'n'Match sale)

6 Carnation Evaporated Milk (FREE after coupon)
4 Swiss Miss ($.12/ea after coupon)
(3) $.50/2 coupons (double) - Evap Milk
$.50/2 Shortcuts - Swiss Miss
$1/2 IPQ - Swiss Miss
$5 off at register (for the 10 Mix'n'Match sale)

(3) 8 oz. cheese - $5.00
1 Gal. Milk - $1.99 (manager's special)
2 squash - $.69/lb
Mayonnaise - $3.54
Kotex Liners - $1.25 after coupons ($1 Cellfire, $1 coupon)
Cottonelle - $.49 after coupon ($.50 Cellfire)
2 Utz chips - $5.00

Total Before Savings: $76.73
Total OOP: $38.41
Saved 50% ($38.32)
- includes coupons & Kroger Plus Card savings

My next stop was CVS:

Transaction #1:
3 Pepsi Products - 3/$10.00
Used $5.00 ECB
Total OOP: $5.14, earned $2 ECB

Transaction #2:

Garnier Fructis Shampoo - $2.49
Garnier Fructis Conditioner - $2.49
Used (2) $1 coupons
Used $2 ECB from trans. #1
Total OOP: $2.18, earned $2 ECB
CVS Total before savings: $16.32
Total OOP: $7.32
Saved 55% ($9.00)
- includes coupons and used ECBs
Earned $2 ECB

Bag Oranges (13 count, I got the one w/ the most) - $3.24
2 Bright'n'Early - $.68/ea.
2 OJ - $1.42/ea.
Lettuce - $1.38
2 1/2 doz. eggs - $3.63
Total - $12.76 - sorry, no coupons to use here today.

And now, for my favorite stop of the day:
Food Lion:
This one broke the bank, but I love what I got!!
4 Del Monte tomatoes - $.70/ea. after coupon
($1/4 FLIP)
2 Johnsonville Italian Sausage, BOGO @ $4.29, $1.39/ea after coupons
(2) $.75 coupons
3 Birds Eye Veg & Rice - $1.00/ea, $.66/ea after coupon
$1/3 coupon
2 FL Bacon - 2/$4, $1.50/ea after coupon
$1/2 FLIP
2 lbs. Carolina Fried Turkey Breast - $3.99/lb
5 1/2 lbs. Cajun Style Roast Beef - $3.29/lb*
Butter - $2.50
**$1 coupon scanned for something that I cannot remember for the life of me, unless I accidentally pulled a coupon for an item I didn't buy! I have scratched my head over this and exausted my brain waves trying to figure it out, and I can't. So I will just take the $1, I guess. I feel bad if I made a mistake, but I don't know for sure, or what to do if I did.**

Total Before Savings: $59.62
Total OOP: $42.94
Saved 28% ($16.68)
- includes coupons and MVP discounts
Edited to add: If I had not bought the roast beef, my savings would have been 41%.

Totals For Today:
Before Coupons/discounts - $165.43
Total OOP - $101.43 (eek!)
Saved 38% - $64.00

Ok, so the reason I was SO excited about Food Lion?? The Roast Beef!! We are out of lunch meat, and I noticed that they had the turkey breast on sale for $3.99/lb. That is what I pay for the "cheap" Land-o-frost meat, so I thought I'd get the better quality for the same price. While I was waiting for the lady to slice up the turkey, I spied this beef roast sitting in the case that was dated 4 days ago. My "Don't Go Outside Your Box" side and my "Go Outside Your Box" side had a little discussion with each other and I finally decided to go outside my box and ask about it. If I'm going to be a die-hard couponin' and money savin' shopper, I gotta at least TRY and take advantage of a possible deal, right? So when the lady asked "anything else?" I put both feet out of my "box" - and said that I noticed the beef roast was out of date, and what did they do with it? Did they discount it? She pulled it out and looked at it and said she would discount it $2 - $3. She consulted with another lady and they offered me $3.29/lb. It was either $6.49 or $6.79/lb originally. She opened it up to smell it and make sure it smelled ok (it did), and then asked how many lbs. I wanted. I took a deep breath and said "I would like all of it". It was 5 1/2 lbs. Not only is it cheaper per lb. than the usual fare we have for lunch meat, but it is ROAST BEEF!!!!!! She very nicely sliced it up for me, and ooo-la-la, when I got home I tasted a piece. I don't know the last time I had sliced roast beef. I thought I'd died and gone to sandwich meat heaven!! I plan to freeze it in smaller packages to stretch and savor it for a long time to come. We might even have some for dinner one night!

So my hopes of not busting the budget this week were dashed, but I won't have to buy lunch meat for a long, long time... Oh, it was SO worth it!!

My fingers are about to freeze and fall off, so I will close this out and go do something a little more active to raise my body-temperature (or at least feel like it).

Oh, Cellfire and Shortcuts - those are coupons that you can load onto your card (I did my Kroger card) from the internet and they come off when your card is scanned and the item is in that purchase. "FLIP" - Food Lion Internet Printable, coupons they email you each week.

Edited to Add: The Cellfire and Shortcuts coupons? You can use that coupon AND a paper coupon on the same item!! Oh yeah, baby!!


Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

I'm just curious, do you just buy everything that has coupons and is a good deal? What are you going to do with all the sweetened cond. milk and choc.? When do you buy the real food?

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

You got some real stuff going on over there. Wow-whee! The people who read your blog and live in your area are going to be stopping in for meals--seeing what all good things you bought!

Congratulations on the roast beef! Please don't tell Andrew, or he'll always wonder if what he's eating that you made has uncertain food in it. I am not allowed to buy stuff out of date, especially meat and dairy products. And if it goes out of date in our fridge, my husband will not touch it.

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

Rachel - Good question, one I will try and answer someday soon in a post.

Sally - Don't tell Andrew, but I briefly considered donating some of the sliced roast beef to the Outlaw Christmas sandwich fixin's, but selfishly decided I wanted to keep it all to myself!!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

haha!! wow, I have to fight to eat the out of date stuff in our fridge here before they throw it away. Mini, these last two posts are hilarious! Oh, and since when are Choc.Chips not considered "real food", Rachel?? :)

Aliisa and Sundy said... [Reply to comment]

From Aliisa:

Wow, I wish we had that grocery store here!! I dont do coupons most of the time because the store brands are cheaper. But I would definately do it if I could get that kind of results!!