Saturday, November 1, 2008

21 Green Peppers on the wall... take one down, pass it around...

Sorry :P I couldn't help it, that popped into my head when I was thinking of a title, and you know I had to use it!!

So the other night the temperatures dropped down the 32°... it was ***chilly*** :) That also meant that my long-lived pepper plants were probably threatened. So the next afternoon I trotted out to my garden, and sure 'nough, the leaves were all wilted and sad looking. So I picked every last pepper off the plants, and here's what I got:
Aren't they purty?? I did line them up all nice and neat for the picture - they looked much nicer that way than all jumbled in a pile. And I like taking pictures of nice things... :P They are so beautiful!!! I'm sure that my (almost 2 yrs. old) nephew, Paul, would love to hold them, pet them and probably want to take a few to bed with him too, if he could see them - they are that pretty!!

This also means that I now have no more excuses for not getting the garden cleaned off. Guess I'll have to put that on my to-do list before the soaker hoses get too much more "grown in" with the crab grass (hate that stuff).

So... any "fresh pepper" recipes I should try? I want to use these instead of freezing them, so I'll probably be doing things like fajitas, stuffed peppers, and whatnot in the coming weeks. I already have a ton of frozen ones, so I don't want to freeze these if I don't have to.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Yes, our Paul would love your peppers! They look lovely. Did you photograph them on your floor, or your table? The wood pattern is outstandingly beautiful!

I recommend making Stroganoff Sandwiches at least once with some of your peppers. We think it is a top-notch food and recipe. Let me know if you need the recipe.

Other than that--Oven Roasted Vegetables, if you can come up with the rest of the veggies it takes (you can do some substituting).

Liz said... [Reply to comment]

My husband & I love to make a "southwest" style corn with fresh peppers, frozen corn, a little butter, and 1 package of sazon seasoning (made by goya. It is really yummy. I even make it in the microwave. Just put a cup or two of corn in a bowl. Dice up a 1/2 cup of peppers. Add a tablespoon of butter and cook for about 3 minutes. When corn & peppers are cooked enough for you add the packet of sazon and stir well. Voila! Now just enjoy!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

We had to pick our peppers too! I LOVE roasted green peppers. Slice them up, spray them down with pam and bake them on a cookie sheet until soft but firm (check them every few mins until they're the perfect texture for you... I usually go 10 mins). Then, toss them in your favorite marinade. We love spice and go for a jerk sauce.

Oh and I also love adding green peppers in my stirfries. And stuffing green peppers with a beef, tomato sauce, and rice mixture. Yum! And stuffing halves of them raw with cottage cheese and pineapple :)