Thursday, January 20, 2011

Nourishing Foods - Grocery Shopping

I know some of you have wondered what the "nourishing foods" journey is doing to our grocery budget. And I promised I would post about that. As our eating habits have changed somewhat, so has the grocery budget. We're still not where I'd like us to end up with our food, so this is a continual work in progress. To help me figure out a ball-park weekly grocery budget, I thought I'd share a mini-series of my weekly grocery trips.

This is not a typical week for groceries. Pepsi & Dr. Pepper are not a weekly purchase, and neither are the chips or Bratwursts! But for keepin' it real, this is what I bought today.

1/2 Gal. Homestead Creamery Cream Top Whole Milk (local dairy, hormone free)
1 Gal. Orange Juice
5lbs. King Arthur All Natural White Whole Wheat Flour
Frozen Green Beans, Breaded Okra and a Stir-Fry Blend
Organic Stonyfield Plain Yogurt
Pineapple Juice
5lbs. Cara Cara Oranges
2 Mangoes
2 Onions
7 Organic Gala Apples
2 Doz. Cage Free Brown Eggs
2lbs. Brown Rice
Beef Roast
Whole Chicken
Marked-down Bratwursts
Dr. Pepper & Pepsi ($9 of the bill!)
*oops! Not pictured:
(3) 8oz. bricks Kraft Cheese
1 lb. bacon

Total: $86.60
($2 of that is a deposit for the glass milk bottle which I'll get back when I take the empty bottle back to the store.)

This week we also replenished our ground beef supply (13lbs. for about $38) and yeast (2lbs. for about $3.50 if I remember right). The ground beef will last quite a while, and the yeast lasts a LONG time.

Now, what will I do with the food I brought home? Stay tuned!! I think another mini-series, "Nourishing Foods - What We Eat" will be coming soon :)


Candi said... [Reply to comment]

How much were the cage free eggs? I watched that documentary called Food Inc. on netflix a few weeks ago and was shocked at the poor chickens and cows. My husband said $2 a dozen is our max. I think they cost more than that though.

Mary said... [Reply to comment]


I live in Ohio and I pay about $3 / dozen for our free range eggs.

I know some regions you can get them for $2 / dozen, but you have to look! Take a field trip to the farmer's market and check out the prices.

Good luck! IMO, it's totally worth the expense to provide better nutrition to our family. :)

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

@Candi They are $2.59/doz. These are Private Selections brand, which I've never tried before. Last time it was the Naturally Preferred brand (in the organics section of Kroger) and I really liked them - very nice, dark yellow yolks. They were on sale 2/$5, not on sale they are $3.79/doz!! I hope to one day have our own chickens, or be good friends with someone who has chickens!

Miriam said... [Reply to comment]

@Mary I'm planning to check out our local farmer's market this spring :) Cheaper free range eggs would be a nice find!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

Linden & I watched Food Inc last night and when we got done he said we need to turn the bottom pasture into all chickens!!!! HA! Yeah right!!! With that panther thing running around out here we would never have any chickens left to lay eggs!!!! Also we will be butchering around the beginning of Mar. if you want a 1/2 or whatever let me know.