Friday, January 7, 2011

Get the Hint?

Hmmm. Do you think that the fact that Daniel helped put away groceries last evening and might have seen this inside the refrigerator...

...would have anything to do with me finding this on the whiteboard this morning?
It's one of those things that I've kept pushed to the back burner lately. The bananas were markdowns when I bought them, so if I never got around to making banana bread I would only be out a few cents. I had no intention of just letting them rot, but other things were far more important and pressing than taking care of a few bananas. I had every intention of making banana bread or muffins when I bought them and then life went crazy for a while.

Thankfully the refrigerator is great at preserving the insides of the bananas so I think I'll be doing a little baking this morning ;)


Candi said... [Reply to comment]

At least he's proactive and left you a smiley face. So sweet!

Cristy said... [Reply to comment]

You know what I've started doing? Adding a mashed banana to my pancake mix. It tastes good, I can cut back a little on the oil, and we get an extra serving of fruit!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Ahh...good banana bread sounds good right now. I think I have a few bananas in the freezer, but I'm in no shape to do any baking. In fact, I'm soon going to take another nap, Lord willing. I think I might even have a 1/4 of a loaf of banana bread already made in the freezer somewhere. I might have to go digging when I go downstairs to put the wash in the dryer. Happy baking! (I sure want some of your good health and ambition. I'm praying.)

gina said... [Reply to comment]

I made banana bread yesterday. It is so DRY! Agh! Please post your recipe. Mine never turns out right and I'm sure yours is delicious! (well... if you have time. I know you must be busy.)