Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Post of Pictures

One night I took pictures of the girls sleeping. For a while it wasn't unusual to go in and find that Sylvia had gotten out of bed at some point before falling asleep and had collected either stuffed critters or a few shoes and added them to her bed (this wasn't one of those nights, but she had turned upside down in bed). Another night I walked in to find Susannah had switched herself and all of her things to being upside down in her bed. :)

 Back in February when we all fell sick with the stomach virus, Sylvia was the first victim. On the morning of her personal sick day she was so, so tired. I knew she needed a nap but didn't dare put her in her bed. I fixed her a place to lie down on the dining room floor and she took a good 45 minute nap there. I could keep and eye on her and she was so tired she slept through Susannah and I doing dishes in the kitchen.

The week after the stomach bug made it's rounds, the girls' "digesters" were still adjusting to normal foods again. On top of that I was pretty exhausted from all the emergency bathroom trips and wardrobe changes that were a result the aforementioned state of things. While I had been planning to make and serve lots of special Valentine's Day foods, I had to stick to some pretty basic stuff for diet and time reasons.

I think for breakfast we had leftover pancakes. When I made the pancakes a few days before, I specifically made a few of them heart-shaped for Valentine's Day morning. The girls thought they were special. :)

For lunch I made the girls their first ever jello jigglers, cut into hearts and a star. Lots of cheese cut into hearts and stars, lots of crackers and a little tuna salad rounded out lunch for them. Funny enough, neither of the girls were huge fans of the jello. :)  I love jello and it's a real treat for us so I was a little surprised. They loved the shaped cheese, though and had plenty more cheese and crackers than what I started them off with.

I don't even remember what we ate for supper; it certainly wasn't a "fancy" meal at all, it may have even been leftovers! I did splurge and we all had our first post-sick dessert. :)  Susannah had been anticipating our special dessert for so long! Before naptime she and I mixed up some chocolate pudding (and I used goats milk since she and Daniel can handle that much better than cows milk, and pudding is primarily milk). I had made a pink angel food cake the day before. After naps and before supper I assembled the pudding, angel food cake and whipped cream parfaits. They were so pretty!! They tasted good, but not what I was hoping for. Daniel and I both decided that the pudding tasted salty and different than usual. I determined that since goats milk isn't as sweet as cows milk, that was probably the difference. Regardless, it was a lot of fun to make, a lot of fun to look at, and we did enjoy eating them. :)

 These next two pictures are ones I quickly took with my phone while we were eating dessert. They are such a good example of our girls' totally opposite approaches to eating! 

We have long called Sylvia our "shop vac" eater and Susannah our "osmosis" eater. :)