Thursday, February 13, 2014

Pregnancy Update - Baby No. 3

I have not been blogging about this pregnancy (or much else, for that matter) nearly as much as I did for the previous two. I think having 2 little girls to keep up with makes that acceptable. ;-)

Nearing the end of this pregnancy, though, I did want to write down some things just for the sake of having it recorded somewhere.

This pregnancy continues to be the easiest one yet, I believe. I remember having different periods of terrible pain (back, abdominal muscles, whatever) with the previous pregnancies and so far other than general back aches I haven't had any huge, debilitating issues.  Getting in and out of bed and rolling over in bed my back and hips sound like a bowl of Rice Krispies and have the accompanying hurt/ache to go with, but nothing lingering.  I have seen my chiropractor much less this time around, too.

The past few weeks I've had a lot of heartburn. I can't pin-point it to any specific food group or meal even. A snack can even cause it! Strangely enough, it doesn't usually kick in until at least 45 minutes after I eat. Having not had much of a problem before, this is a little new. I have been having great success with getting relief by swallowing 1/2 - 1 spoonful of apple cider vinegar. I take it straight so it burns going down, but within 5 minutes the burning feeling of "all my food is backing up into my throat" goes away.  Some say heartburn can mean the baby will have lots of hair or the baby is the opposite gender of pregnancies without heartburn. Since the girls both had plenty of hair I'm guessing any or all of three things: This baby is bald; this baby is a boy; this baby is another girl and I'm 2 years older than last time. :-)

Choosing a name for this baby has been an adventure. Daniel and I both have made suggestions (probably me more than Daniel to be honest ;-) ) and have talked about it at length a few times. Since we don't know if we're having a boy or girl we want to have a name for each picked out. This past weekend Daniel told me the two first names he wants to use. Both are names that I like and it's exciting to now know who our baby will be.  We still don't have middle names picked out so we're continuing with the name game!

The baby's heart-rate has steadily been in the 140's all through the pregnancy with the exception of one appointment when it was 138. I am pretty sure I remember both girls' heart-rates commonly being in the 140's as well.

Since I switched to a different OB-GYN for this pregnancy, one who is fine with letting me go past 41 weeks if everything is going fine, I have been keeping a very open mind to the "fact" that this baby could arrive as late as 2 weeks past my due date. I am growing eager as the real due-date nears, and the whole mystery of "we could have FIVE people living in this house in three weeks!" (if the baby would come a week early) or... "I might have 6 weeks left... ugh" is exciting. It is also motivating to be getting things done that I want to get done before I am living on much less sleep than I'm getting now!

I have been working at getting food into the freezer by doubling casseroles and other easily frozen meals when I make dinner for us. I think I have made 6 meals so far and want to keep adding as I can and still have time. I know so well that the less I have to cook/bake after the baby is born the easier transitioning into our new, "real life" is!! I have also started adding little things to the grocery list. I had been thinking I had everything  we need (since I have diapers left from when Sylvia was born), but the other day I realized I need to pick up diaper cream (Sylvia uses a very specific kind), I should pick up another case of wipes, I need to check my supply of bags for freezing milk, and so on.

Oh! One thing I do want to mention about this baby is his or her wiggle patterns. :-)  The baby definitely has a sleep/wake cycle going on and I feel wiggles throughout the day, but consistently at night, usually between 11:30 or midnight, he or she is awake and active for several minutes.  It doesn't matter if I'm still awake and sitting or standing, or if I'm already in bed. I will be curious to see if this goes on once the baby is on the outside.

I think Susannah is already in love with our new baby. It is not uncommon for her to whisper-talk to the baby from time to time. She hasn't been as interested in feeling the baby move as I thought she might be, but she's always happy to tell the baby goodnight and give it a "kiss." She always says the sweetest things, usually something like "Goodnight, Baby. I hope you sleep well. I love you." Oddly enough, and to my amusement, both she and Sylvia seem to think that my belly-button is what they should talk to or give kisses to for the baby!  Sylvia will sometimes just walk up to me and say "see baby?" and then unless I object (usually I don't) she proceeds to pull my shirt up and the maternity waist-band of my pants down to rub my belly and say "Hiiiee, Baby!!" All a fun part of seeing the world through my children's eyes.

Right now we are experiencing thunder-snow/sleet. We got a good 8" of snow last night and the snow-sleet started up this afternoon. It reminds me that we have had snow on the birth days of our two girls, and I wonder if we will have snow on this baby's birth day, too?


Amanda said... [Reply to comment]

Glad to hear the pregnancy is going fairly well for you. The heartburn can be the worst - I had it one time really bad with my daughter, but basically the entire pregnancy with my son. I am excited to find out if you have a boy or a girl to see if it could be the difference!