Thursday, March 20, 2014

Waiting for Baby

While we continue waiting for our baby's birth-day, I personally don't feel like doing much at all besides, well, nothing. I feel as huge and cumbersome as a beached whale, things ache, and if you've been 40 or 40+ weeks pregnant you know what I'm talking about. :-) {For reference's sake, today is Thursday; Saturday will be 41 weeks.}

There are plenty of things that I can't do with them or do very well with them these days, so when it does suit I try to say "yes!" to the extra special, fun things they like to do. One evening Susannah asked if she could paint "with colored paint". That means the real deal. Not just the paint-with-water coloring book but the easel and Crayola craft paint (washable!!).

They loved their little painting session! Susannah picks out one color at a time and I put a tiny bit (maybe 1 tsp.) in small bowls for them. I also learned that if I add a few drops of water and stir it up, it paints easier and doesn't result in them scooping out the whole thick glob all at once.

After they finish with one color, Susannah picks out another color and the cycle repeats. On this evening her colors were pink, orange, purple and white. Interestingly enough, their finished "art" looked pretty good with those color combinations!  

This wasn't something particularly related to the baby, but it was something that helped the girls stay busy for a few minutes after supper one evening.  The dishwasher was empty so after supper I asked them to clear off the table. One dish at a time they took the dishes from the table to the dishwasher. Susannah did the glass plates and Sylvia did the utensils.

It was fun to walk into the kitchen later to see how they had loaded the dirty dishes. :-)


sally said... [Reply to comment]

Looks like you know how to help everyone have a good time, even when you feel like doing nothing! Good job, 'cause I'm sure it took some effort.

Davene Grace said... [Reply to comment]

My goodness, that first picture shows how much Sylvia has grown up - she's changed so much! :)

I pray for your patient endurance during this time of (extended) waiting. I know God's preparing an incredible birth story for your new little one!