Sunday, March 2, 2014


Last week we took the plunge and did something I'd been thinking about doing for a while. I took the girls to get their first "official" haircuts. I have been cutting their bangs here at home for a while, and have trimmed their longest ends, but both of them needed a little more than I was comfortable doing with my lack of skills (and their wiggles).

I also got a long-overdue haircut myself, so I went first while the girls munched some snack and watched.

Sylvia was happy to go after me, and took the whole thing very seriously for most of the time. She rarely sees herself in the mirror, so being able to see herself plus getting something "strange" done to her hair made for serious concentration. :)  Towards the end of her haircut she figured out that she could watch herself making faces and her tongue started peeking out and she got some smiley sparkles in her eyes.

Sylvia's hair is still pretty fine, but long and lots and lots of natural layers. Her ends were a mess, resulting in horrible tangles some days that she would just cry and cry when I would try to comb them out (even with detangle spray). She sleeps on her back a lot, and some days she would wake up and have a massive "rats nest" the size of a grapefruit sticking off the back of her head, her hair would get so tangled!

She got just a bit taken off her overall length and Cindy did a great job trimming all her layers. Combing her hair is much, much nicer now! 

Susannah was excited about her turn. Her hair didn't tangle all over like Sylvia's, but combing out her curls was getting pretty knotty and I knew a trim would help. I don't want to cut her curls off and she also has so many natural layers that I didn't want to do it myself this time.

I could tell she felt very mature and grown-up to get her haircut.

Again Cindy just gave her a nice trim all over and her curls are still curly. :)

I don't have any pictures but a few weeks ago I gave Daniel a haircut. I guess that makes us all freshly trimmed in time for the new baby and spring!


Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

Thanks for the pictures! When do we get to see your haircut? Oh, and when do we get to see the new baby? :P