Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas At The Ranch, Part 3

Now on to the most fun - and crazy - part of the day: PRESENTS!! I love giving and I love getting.:)

Sam (Gail's youngest) pretty pleased with his
pile of gifts.  Actually, he was carefully and
sneakily tearing the paper off one of them. :P

Poor Susannah was in the deep end of a head cold on this day, and in the middle of lunch Sally discovered she was running a fever.  I took her temperature and sure enough, she was 100.6 - IF she kept the thermometer under her tongue.  I loaded her up with Tylenol to get her through lunch and the gift opening, then I gave her some Benadryl for her extreme drainage and tucked her in for a much-needed nap (more to come, later, on our week of sick, sleepless "vacation").

Daniel excited about his presents. :)
(My grandmother in the background.)

Daniel helped Sylvia open her gifts and I helped
Susannah open hers.  I didn't get many pictures of the afternoon
because I was a bit busy.

At Thanksgiving I got a good picture of Susannah and my 91 y.o. Grandma,
I made sure to get a picture of Sylvia with her this time.

The youngest of the crowd this year,
Rachel's VERY smiley baby girl, Morgan.

The second youngest cousin, Sally's daughter, Rachel.
(Or, "Rachel Anne" as she gets called when we're 
all together to avoid confusion of which Rachel we're talking about!)

Sylvia, the oldest of the 2012-born cousins, enjoying Grandma's toys. :)
In 2012, 3 new cousins were born: Sylvia, Rachel and Morgan.

We didn't serve turkey, but it seems the Tryptophan was still at work.  After the gifts people lined up in the recliners to relax.  These are the times that Mom & Dad's huge house DOESN'T seem "too big"!!

Gail & Rachel
(Rachel was the head of the planning committee this year
and did a fabulous job.)

A very long game of Monopoly in action.
Glen, Sally & Linden (who is THE Monopoly player)

Linden, Jason & Luke
I heard there were some under-the-table deals going on,
contracts being written, and that it was quite the game!

About this time we had to load up and head home.  Daniel was on call New Years Day, so we couldn't stay the night and enjoy the after-party partying like we'd hoped.

If you missed them, you can read Part 1 and Part 2 here.

Happy New Year, y'all!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Did you hear? Linden lost to Jason! Julia said it was the first time Linden had lost at monopoly since they've been married. Also, toward the end of the game, I heard this epic quote from Jason (who, as we can tell by his winning, is a seasoned monopoly player), "I've never seen such a cut-throat mob of monopoly players!".

I had the most fun playing several games of Dutch Blitz just as the New Year rolled in. Next time you'll have to get in on that one.

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

I think getting together at New Years Eve is a great idea. We have so many family gatherings packed into a couple day window right around Christmas, I think we need to follow your lead.

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

The Monopoly game sounds like some of our family's Risk games :)

So sorry Susannah was sick! I know that was rough. :(

Happy New Year!