Monday, March 28, 2011

My Sweet Susannah

Oh my, oh my. I can't begin to put into words how much I love my little girl!! She is sunshine to my soul every single day, no matter what the real weather is - I always have my sunshine.

I want to blog just a bit to journal a few things about her so I don't forget.

Picking her up from the nursery at church. Oh my, the other kids get excited to see their parents, but not like Susannah!! Her arms and legs become windmill blades and she bursts into a grin bright enough to light the whole city!

Saying "uh-oh". Last week my MIL kept Susannah for the day, and after lunch she and Susannah were playing the "drop it" game in the high-chair (only at Grandma's! LOL), and she taught Susannah how to say "uh-oh". Susannah says it more like "uh-uhhhhh" or "uh-ewwww", but she knows what it means and uses it correctly! Sometimes she says it just for fun, too :)

Snuggling with her blankie one morning.

She is improving her core motor skills by leaps and bounds! I don't think the Dr. has anything to worry about with her slower than some kids development. I did show her a few things - how to pull up from a sitting position, but that was about it. All on her VERY OWN, she has gone from tummy to sitting (not much, but she has done it several times), she's starting to get up on her hands and knees from her tummy - that is something she would not or could not do, even if we tried to help her, she loves to stand holding on to something and will try to pull up on things (from her tummy). I think in all reality, she was/is just doing this stuff in her own time.

Grandma's coffee table is just right for
cruising furniture practice!

Susannah signs :) As in sign language! Many families in our church teach their babies sign language. At first I wasn't keen on the idea, but watching other children began to see the vast benefits from it. We started out using the "all done" sign (and saying it verbally, too) when she started solid foods at 4 months. Just in the past couple of weeks she has started to sign "all done". We were occasionally throwing in the "please" sign once in a while and recently started showing it to her more regularly. On Saturday Daniel was eating potato chips and she wanted one... he helped her sign "please" and a chip or two later she was signing "please" upon request! Yesterday and today she was signing "please" during her meal, wanting her drink or bread that was on the table. She never really fussed or whined for things, but this will really help her communicate with us much better until she can orally communicate. I want to teach her more signs, like "more", "drink", "eat" and "thank you." Those are ones I want to teach for sure, we'll see how far we get.

On a non-progress note, Susannah has her 2nd ear infection. Friday evening she was running a fever, and that came and went throughout the weekend. We could tell she wasn't quite her usual self, but she wasn't exhibiting lots of sick symptoms. Thankfully she is happy to drink lots of water, even though her solid food appetite isn't up to normal. We're eager for Daniel to come home with her prescription later today so she can start getting better. Last night's sleeping had a big hiccup in it when she woke up with another fever, and she isn't sleeping very well this afternoon, either.

Happy as a bug in a rug - right before I
realized she was running a 101.6 temperature!

And that's what's going on with Susannah currently :)