Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Cold!

This morning when I got up it looked cold outside. When I opened the door and stepped out to wave "bye" to Daniel when he was leaving, sure 'nough, it was CHILLY!! I checked the temperature just a couple minutes ago, and it says the outdoor temperature is 38°! Brr :) Seems like Fall is really here. If the leaf covered ground isn't indication enough...

Yesterday was a great day! Sunday night I didn't crawl in bed until 2:00, I was busy updating the checkbook which I'd neglected for the last 1/2 of October. I wanted to get that out of the way. So yesterday morning after Daniel left I started the 1st load of clothes in the washer and crawled back in bed for a while. Before I got up I was lying there awake and realized Baby George was moving around quite a big. I put my hand on my stomach and felt him kicking around for several minutes :)

Yesterday morning was also my appointment with the "higher-powered" ultrasound machine to try and see Baby George's 4 heart chambers. It seems like the bigger George grows, the harder they press on my stomach with the wand! Ouch! They were able to get a good look at his heart, and see all four chambers. This machine also had some kind of color-setting where they could make the blood in the heart and umbilical cord be colored (it was like fire orange and ice blue colors). It was neat to see the blood literally pumping to and through my baby's heart!

I still didn't get to see his or her face. I'm a little disappointed, but all the more to look forwards to on the birth-day! George seems to LOVE looking at my back. Yesterday he was once again upside down facing my back. When they looked at the circumference of his head I could see an ear sticking out, and we got a good look at his feet and toes :)

I was so tickled with myself last night when I finally called it quits. I didn't get the bed made (it's made, I just never pulled the covers up to make it look pretty), the table cleaned off, a menu planned, or go for a walk, but I did get everything else done on my list!! That included washing the kitchen floor!! Oh my, I never realized how difficult washing the floor on my hands and knees would be, even at "just" 22 weeks pregnant. Bending over period is getting interesting, and I know it will only get more so!

Last night before I crawled in, I also put a beef roast in some marinade for tonight's supper, using one of the marinade packets that I got super-cheap this summer. As I was looking through the packets, I realized that I got a lot of marinades for chicken or pork, and not very many for beef! I guess I had chicken on the brain when I bought them :) This afternoon I'll put the roast in the crockpot and I'm excited to see how it tastes when it's all done :)

This morning I need to get a shower and get started on today's list. I could crawl back in bed but I'm pretending like I want to "get going," haha. I did sleep really well last night. I have for the past several nights, in fact, which has been wonderful. I'm even back to sleeping on my own side of the bed! (For a while I was more comfortable on Daniel's side so we switched.)


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Difficult to bend over?! You mean you can still bend at all? You will be turning into a "squatting squaw", believe me, and it will last for a long, long time, because you will be squatting down to attend unto the one of short stature for a long, long, long time. I am still an expert squatter and do it all the time. Consider it your deep-knee bend exercises! (That is, when you hit that stage.)

I'm happy to hear of all your domestic accomplishments! Great going!