Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

I decided to give Walgreen's a try this week. They are "sortof" like CVS in that they give you Register Rewards (RR's) on certain items that are on sale for the week or month. RR's are just like CVS's ECB's, where they are just like money off your next purchase. The trick with RR's is that if I get an RR from, say, a Procter and Gamble product, I can't use it to buy another Procter and Gamble item. So in that way they are trickier than CVS. I've also heard that sometimes the RR machines don't work right and so on... Alot of people have great success with it, so I wanted to give it a shot and see if it works for me. It didn't all work out exactly like it was supposed to today, but I worked my way around it and I think I still came out on top. We'll see.

Walgreen's:I started out with no RR's, only coupons, so I had to spend some OOP to get started.

Trans. 1:
(2) Trident Gum - $1 ea.
1 Dentek flossers - $2.79
- (2) $.75 Trident q's
- $1 Dentek q

OOP - $2.48
Earned $1 RR for the Gum
and here's where it gets tricky - the Dentek was supposed to produce a $2 RR, and it didn't. So the manager came and manually put it on a Gift Card. I was going to get a 2nd one, and when I went to use the coupon he said that was the reason it didn't produce a RR... I'm 99.9% sure he's wrong, but I didn't want to cause a fuss, so I just didn't get the 2nd one... or my other $2 RR I was after! Oh well. And we continue...
Trans. 2
Gillette Fusion Power Razor System - $8.99 (to go with the cartridges I got a couple weeks ago at CVS)
(1) Fall Scarecrow doo-dad - $.69 (filler item since I was using 2 coupons)
- $4 Razor q
- $1 RR from Trans. 1
- $2.10 on GC from Trans. 1

OOP - $5.16
Earned $6 RR
Trans. 3
(3) Dove Shampoo - $3 ea.
(5) Dove Conditioner - $3 ea. (boo, I thought the red ones were shampoo)
(1) Fall Scarecrow doo-dad - $.69 (filler item since I was again using 1 more coupon than I had items)
- (3) $1.50 Conditioner q's
- (5) $1 Dove Hair Care q's
- $6 RR from Trans. 2

OOP - $10.42
Earned $10 RR (for buy 8 participating Dove products)
Whole Trip Shelf - $47.94
Whole Trip OOP - $18.06
(Left with $10 RR towards my next order, so really only $8.06)
Saved 62%

(6) Hunt's Diced Tomatoes - $.58 ea.
Chips - $1.88
Cooking Spray - $2.09
(8) Condensed Tomato Soup - $.40 ea. (Coupons didn't double, would've been $.30 ea.)
Cream of Onion Soup - $1.39
Skippy Natural Crunchy PB - $.64 (from Target)
Idahoan Instant Potatoes - FREE
Chuck Roast (2.65 lb.) - $5.29 ($1.99/lb)
2 lb. Rice - $1.49
3 lb. Onions - $1.50
Yams - $1.85 ($.99/lb)
Apples - $4.09 (2 different kinds)
Marked Down Bananas - $.69 (Banana Bread!!)
Oranges - $2.00
(3) 12 oz. Honey Ham - $.99 ea. (Markdown)

Shelf Price - $53.62
Total OOP - $34.16
Saved - $19.46 / 36%


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

How in the world do you keep all that straight in your head? You must be a genius! You'll be great at keeping two steps ahead of your kids!

Leighann said... [Reply to comment]

I struggle with Walgreens as well. CVS is just SOOO much easier. I think I have finally figured out the Walgreens system for the most part though and don't get "beeped" as much.

Also, I finally got a planner like you suggested from WalMart. I LOVE IT!!!! I am using the monthly view for my menu planr and the daily view for my "home" to do list I (I keep a separate work list). It is awesome though and thanks for suggesting it!