Monday, October 5, 2009

Looking at the Positive

Instead of looking back over the day and thinking "I didn't get anything done", I'm choosing to look at what I did get done. Is there lots of visual improvement? Not so much. But I know what I did, and I'm glad I got that much done!

This afternoon when I got home from MOPS I spent some time outside trying (again) to coax "the other dog" close enough so I could read the tag on his collar. He showed up Thursday afternoon and is quite content to be here - at least he's not making any efforts to go home. Anyway, he belongs to somebody, and appears to be a hunting dog. He's also super skittish and wouldn't come any closer than about 2 feet away from me, and the second I would bat an eyelash or a thought would cross my mind he'd scoot off like a rabbit. I gave up on that after a while and searched through the phone book and white pages for people around here that we thought might have dogs. I tried different numbers, some had no dogs, some suggested people to call, and some had dogs but weren't missing any. I guess if we don't soon have luck with locating his owner I'll have to call the Animal Control so they can catch him and be able to reunite him with his owner, though I hate to take that route if I don't have to. LOL, early this morning Rascal barked for a bit and I heard "the other dog" howling some. When I got up to fix Daniel's breakfast I heard a terrible meowing coming from somewhere outside the kitchen windows. I went outside (it was barely light) and here the dog had treed one of the neighbors cats!! When I went outside the dog was sitting patiently at the bottom of the tree, I guess waiting to show his accomplishment, but immediately scooted off. The cat got down not too long after that.

I did get a load of laundry washed and hung out. I don't know that I'll get it in before I go to bed, it was hung out pretty late in the afternoon and I don't think it was enough time for jeans to dry.

I did make the bed! And supper - oven fried drumsticks and green beans! And mixed up 2 loaves of bread (1 batch of dough) in the bread machine and just put them in the oven! I did take a nap this afternoon, I needed it and felt much better afterwards.

This evening while supper was in the oven Daniel and I were outside talking and measuring. We're moving in the direction of adding on (we decided not to sell at this point) and are trying to get our ideas fleshed out and on the same page. After supper I printed off some graph paper and we spent the rest of the evening idea shooting. We have a basic footprint that we're interested in, and I measured stuff and made "furniture" (flat, not 3-D) out of construction paper to fit the scale of the space on the graph paper. I'm such a visual person I have to SEE things like that in order to know what I think/want. I'm glad we weren't moving real furniture around - we would be sore and stiff from all the "furniture moving" that we did! We finally came up with a furniture arrangement that we both like "the best", but now we don't know where a 1/2 bath fits in that floor layout.

This evening Daniel wondered if there was anything dessertish to nibble on... when the answer was no, he offered to "be the hero" (his words) and bake one of the packages of Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough I bought recently. And so he did :) He was putting them on a cookie sheet and he said "I guess it would probably be better if I used 2 cookie sheets instead of cramming 24 cookies on one, huh?" I love this man :) I know first hand how much he dislikes cooking and baking, so when he does take the notion to do something in the kitchen (other than eat :P ), ahh, I feel the luv :)

All in all, no, I didn't really get great gobs of things done. But we did make good progress on the addition planning, and I did get some things done today :) There is plenty waiting to be done another day, but the world won't fall apart before I get to it.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Sometimes you need those slower days. I feel one coming up sometime this week around here. I've been in zoom mode too many days in a row. Enjoy the planning!

Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

Oh no. I hope the dog finds his way home!