Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day ~ 2012

Daniel has been a most wonderful Daddy for 3 Father's Days now.
The very first picture of him as a daddy,
with Susannah in 2010.

His first picture with our 2nd daughter, Sylvia,
born this year (2012

This Father's Day he got to celebrate being Daddy to these two sweet girls:

 Our Father's Day was anything but "extra special" in the "celebrate Daddy" department, but we celebrated none-the-less.  It started off with Daniel needing to be at church at 8:15am to practice.  I knew it would be crazy to try and get all of us up, ready, and to church by then (only for me to have to keep 2 little people entertained for 1 hour + until Sunday School started).  We were both up early; Daniel so he could leave early, and me so I could get 3 people fed, dressed, and out the door to make it to Sunday School hopefully on time.  We made it about 15 minutes late.  I say "not bad".

On the way home from church, we both stopped for gas and by that time it was 1pm.  We decided that in light of the remaining schedule for the day to get lunch at Burger King and "eat in" since we were in separate vehicles (and allowing us to all eat together).  Susannah had apple slices with her meal.  In the past I have peeled the slices for her, this time I encouraged her to try eating them with the peels on.  Bad mistake.  She gagged on a piece of peel and threw up.  Thankfully not much "came up" and it was quickly cleaned up with pile of napkins.  (Insert a "You know you're a parent when..." line here.)

By the time we got home it was 2:30 and we dove Susannah into her bed to nap.  15 minutes later she was awake and talking... dirty diaper.  I took care of that and she went back to bed.  45 minutes later Daniel got her up and dressed while I fed Sylvia her afternoon meal, and we headed back to church.  It was much too short of a nap for Susannah, but Daniel needed to be at church at 4:30 to practice for the evening churchwide picnic that started at 5:00.  Not wanting to take 2 cars again (30 min. one way) we opted to all go together and hope for the best.

It was a great evening, but again late until we got home (supper was at church).  I really wanted to get pictures of Daniel and the girls, and had forgotten to have them sign their cards until right then.  Susannah was very much on the edge of meltdown-mode, so we did the best we could for a few minutes and then it was bedtime for her and Sylvia soon followed.

After they went to bed Daniel and I celebrated with the Peanut Butter Pie I'd made for his special dessert.  It wasn't really how I had thought the whole day might go, but in the end Daniel is STILL the very, very best Daddy in the whole world!!  At least we think so. :-)


Davene Grace said... [Reply to comment]

Sometimes days just go like that!

I agree that 15 minutes late is not bad. ;-)

Very cute pictures!!

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Um, yes...15 minutes late is not bad at all! I rarely ever make it to SS. :(

Sounds like it was a good (although rushed) day!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

There is a cure for these things. One I don't pull off the shelf and use as often as I should, but I'm getting better at using it. It's a little bottle of pills, and they are black and gold. Their name is really short, only two letters, "n" and "o". Put them together, and it's "No". The black part is that you miss out on some things, the gold part is you are enjoying even better things.

On the more realistic note, I know the feeling of days like that. I don't know how you dragged through it, but I'm glad you are alive to tell about it. I hope such a day doesn't repeat for a long, long time!