Monday, June 4, 2012

A Chocolate Kind Of Day

Today has been a non-day, or at least it has felt like it.  I think that if I could rewind the day and start it over, maybe it would go better?  At least I would be sure to drink some coffee soon after getting up so I wouldn't feel like a dragging cat all morning?

It has been "a chocolate kind of day" today because today has been one of those days where I find myself frequenting the bag of semi-sweet chocolate chips stashed in the cupboard.  They are a weakness of mine, especially on days like today.

I think a bookcase and a sandbox would go a long way to making things better.  Susannah's books are strewn all over the (itty-bitty) living room floor and I haven't felt motivated to pick them up because there really is no good place to put them.  We've been putting them into a plastic bin/tub that fits in the living room, but then she can't get to them easily and ends up pulling them all out to find "the book"... which results in books all over the floor again.  A sandbox would allow her to fill her need to dig, measure, dump and pour... without doing it in the cat food, which results in cat food spread around the kitchen floor.  Usually I don't mind it.  Today for some reason I am minding it.  *sigh*

Not helping is the very sore, feels-the-size-of-a-basketball pimple in my ear.  Sorry if that's TMI, but I can't imagine I'm the only one who gets those on occasion!  It hurts like crazy.

Also not helping the day start well was waking up at 7:15 this morning, when Daniel should've left no later than 7:00.  I did set the alarm clock for 6:15 last night and I did turn it on.  ????   Somehow it was set for PM and not AM.  Arg.  He dressed in a mad rush and I threw drinks, chips and a banana in his lunchbox.  I didn't even have time to make him a proper breakfast.

Supper was late... bedtime for Susannah was late... and I have badly missed my goal for being in bed by 11:00 tonight.  At least I should be there before midnight.  I really do need to start going to bed earlier, it will help my days go better and my brain think clearer, too!

Today did have two HUGE pluses!

One being that many times throughout the day, Susannah would just burst out singing.  Her "songs" were not anything I could recognize, tune- or word-wise, but her sweet singing voice was a happy spot in a day that felt like it was dragging the ground.

The other bright spot in the day was when the mail-lady pulled in our driveway and blew her horn.  Last week I ordered some more cloth diapers and they came today.  I love them!  I can't wait to do a blog post about them, but not tonight. :)

I  have many blog posts in my mind, and even have pictures I've taken specifically for blog posts.  Hopefully soon I can get caught up on my blogging, getting posts transferred from my head to the real blog.

Here's hoping for a great night's rest and a great day tomorrow!  I'm glad His mercies are new each morning.  I'm anticipating some new mercy when I wake up tomorrow!


Rosey said... [Reply to comment]

Bless your heart. I remember days like that especially when my kids were small. Hang in there you have the right attitude. I like a chocolate sneak every now and then also. Your babies are so cute and I really enjoy reading your blt I. am here reading even when I don't comment.