Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 9/30/09

I'm pretty tickled with my CVS purchases this week. I walked in with $8 ECB's, left with $10 and spent $8 in the middle :)(Prices are the shelf price)
Transaction #1:
Listerine Total Care - $4.49
Vaseline Lotion - $7.99
- $2.00 Listerine coupon
- $1.50 Vaseline coupon
- $8.00 ECB's
Spent $.88 OOP
Saved $12.00
Earned $8.00 ECB's

Transaction #2:
(3) Tide 2xUltra 32load - $8.99
(3) Dawn Dish soap - $1.99
Bounce Dryer Bar - $5.49
-(2) $.25 Dawn coupons
-(3) $1.00 Tide coupons
- $1.00 Bounce coupon
- $8.00 ECB's
- $4/$20 coupon
Spent $9.55
Saved $29.93
Earned $10.00 ECB's

Total Shelf: $52.36
Total OOP: $10.43
Saved: $41.93 / 80%
Earned $10 ECB's

So I could look at it that I only spent $.43 on the whole lot since I earned $10 back to use another time :)

And from Kroger: (2) 24can Dr. Pepper - $5.00/ea
(2) Ziploc Freezer - $1.99/ea
Salt - $.59
Hot Chili Oil - $2.89
Rice Vinegar - $2.29
Chips - $1.88
8ct. Tortillas - $1.39
1/2 gal. Milk - $1.89
(4) Chickens - $.49/lb (!!)
(2) 18ct. Eggs - $1.50/ea
Cream of Onion Soup - $1.32
lb. Carrots - $1.09
5 Organic Oranges - $.40/ea (sooooo good!!)
9 Gala Apples - $3.49 ($1/lb)
Celery Hearts - $2.49
(4) 2.5oz. Tuna - $.19/ea

Shelf - $64.56
Spent - $49.20
Saved - $15.36 / 24%

Dr. Pepper hasn't been on sale in ages. I was afraid Daniel was going to start going through withdrawal, so when it was on sale this week for $.20/can, I stocked up. Also, I was planning to get a pack of either beef or chicken this week off the markdowns, but instead noticed they had whole chickens on sale for $.49/lb! That was a TOTALLY unadvertised sale, I think it might have been in-store only, so I grabbed 4 (the limit)... I figured for 8 ea. of boneless/skinless breasts, thighs and wings, the price couldn't be beat. They got cut up and frozen this afternoon :) I was charged the wrong price for the oranges ($.75/ea when they were $.50/ea) so following their policy, they gave me one free plus the overage from the other 4, making them even cheaper. These organic oranges (they don't have "reg" ones right now) taste like they were just picked off the tree, much different than un-organic ones. I am really enjoying having fresh fruit to eat on every day. I have plenty of canned peaches and pears, but since I usually enjoy fruit twice a day (a luxury I decided was worth the money since we can afford it!) I like to have some fresh in the mix, too.

I could've made a trip to WalMart and gotten a couple things for a little cheaper, but the time and travel wasn't worth the gas money to me. I'm glad the overall total is down from the past 2 weeks', and I know I won't need to buy Dr. Pepper for a long time!!!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

That is so good! That CVS bounty is like striking gold!

Katie said... [Reply to comment]

Miriam, your shopping skills are pretty amazing. Way to go girl :)