Saturday, September 19, 2009

Just Randomness

I finally feel like I'm getting back into things after this past week. I think it helped that yesterday was a wonderful, sun-shiny day... and I put supper in the crockpot first thing in the morning!! Yesterday morning was my 16 week checkup at the Dr. so the option of crawling back in bed after Daniel left was out. Instead, I took a shower and shaved my hairy legs (I will never doubt again - not that I doubted in the first place - that pregnancy makes your hair grow faster. Instead of being able to sneak by for 2 weeks every now and then, I feel like a gorilla after just a few days! At least I have the benefit of blond hair :P ) , fed the cats and dog, put supper in the crockpot, and away I went.

On the way to the appointment my MIL called to see if I still wanted to get together for lunch, something she had mentioned earlier in the week. So after the appointment I met her and we went to Ruby Tuesday's. We had both expected them to have a lunch menu (I was thinking a lunch menu would be good food for a lesser price), but alas, they only have one menu. The food was still good!! After that we went by Goodwill and I found 2 maternity tops to add to my meager collection. I have a couple shirts that will be great for a couple months from now, but my supply of things that fit right now and don't look so super-baggy is kinda skimpy. I'm tickled to have some maternity shirts to wear now :)

This afternoon I've been brainstorming for next week's menu. I seriously need to do a menu plan because all I've been coming up with are blanks lately. Last night it was beef stew, tonight it was hamburgers, brown buttered potatoes and green beans. I'm in the mood for "different" or "new" lately. Maybe I'm just being too lazy to make do with what I have on hand! I really, really must go through the meat freezer and see exactly what I have in there. I know it's not much.

I have a couple idea's for next week, and I've written them down so I don't forget them. If you're Menu Plan Monday posts get lots of hits here soon, you'll know it's me looking for ideas :)

Last night I very much on a whim mixed up a cheesecake. But instead of a cheesecake I had to make it in 2 pie pans because I realized my springform pan got packed up a couple weeks ago. We had some with our lunch today, but I think I will freeze the 2nd pie so we don't get sick and tired of it, or pig out on it and gain 100 pounds. This afternoon I spent some time cleaning up the kitchen from the cake making, put a batch of French Bread on the dough cycle in the bread machine, and made supper.

After supper I baked the French Bread in 2 loaf pans and cleaned up the kitchen *gasp!* again. It will be so nice to not have dirty dishes staring at me Monday morning! I've often thought that it would be nice to get into a routine of unloading a clean dishwasher in the mornings, then filling it up throughout the day and ending the day with a clean kitchen, instead of cleaning up the kitchen in the morning and going to bed with it dirty.

And if you see words that are totally misspelled or don't make sense, I don't know what is going on, but there seems to be some miscommunication between my brain and fingers this evening! I keep spelling things totally wrong!

Daniel and I talked this evening some about possibly decorating the 2nd bedroom as a nursery, and just tossed around some ideas. We both agree that we don't want to do anything "permanent" that 3 years from now would take a paint job to re-do. In the midst of that conversation somehow tub toys came up (I think I was looking at the Target Baby Registry magazine), and we had the opportunity to discuss playing in the tub at bathtime. LOL, it wasn't anything I ever wondered about, so it was interesting that he wondered "is bathtime a time to play?" Don't think that he's weird and stern and strict, it was just something that he wondered. It sounds like tub toys weren't a big thing for him when he was little, where we had boats and ducks and cups and bottles when I was little :) We did agree that our tub didn't need to be full of every toy that was pictured on the magazine page! Shew, we'd need a whole separate bathtub to hold all of those!

I need to get on with looking for menu ideas for next week, so till next time!!


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I'm glad things are going better for you, and that you're feeling on top of things. Man, it's the opposite for me. I feel like I'm 15 steps behind today, with a hundred things shouting at me to do them. I need to finish on here and get my kitchen cleaned up so I can go to bed.

I enjoyed reading your blog post. Hey, keep a look out for nursing-friendly clothes if you're planning on nursing your baby.

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Hey, wait until you're nursing (if you go that route) and your hair falls out! I never lost hair from my head, but hair didn't grow on my legs or under my arms for months! No shaving!

Alyssa said... [Reply to comment]

Kid to Kid has some great maternity clothes. Most are very cheap and in good condition. There is one on Cox & Broad street (by my Mom's house.) Also, check with Alana (if I remember, I'll ask her) to see if she still has hers.
And the shaving thing. . .yeah. Hair does grow faster. And it does start to fall out once the pregnancy is ended. It's all so funny.
Play time in the bath tub---good question. And the answer is yes, yes, yes. Water is a great place for them to learn and experiment. It develops them in ways that playing outside water cannot. It also is a really good place to teach things in a non-conflict way. (Assuming, of course, that your child enjoys the bath. :-)) If you guys ever want a conversation about this, look me up. :-)