Friday, September 25, 2009

Grocery Shopping with Daniel 9/23/09

It's a few days later than usual, but nothing has been normal this week until yesterday... and I spent yesterday doing general housework and getting the groceries put away :) By the time I remembered I wanted to blog, it was getting towards my bedtime and I opted to let it wait.

There were quite a few good deals on Wednesday. I didn't get to Kroger in the afternoon, so Daniel and I went after church. It is a rare thing for Daniel to go grocery shopping. Period. He would almost rather cut off all his toes in slow motion than to go grocery shopping. I've learned, however, that he enjoys it a little more if he has something to do - like pushing the cart. Otherwise he's totally bored out of his mind. So he pushed the cart and we both enjoyed our "date" in Kroger! And since he was along, the things on the list that were solely for him, I let him pick the flavors, kinds, etc. (like Gatorade and lunchmeat).

This is from a couple different stores: (4) 12pk. Pepsi - $3/ea, earned $3 ECB's @ CVS
(2) Cheerios - $.99/ea.
(10) Gatorade - $1.10/ea. (whew! pricey!)
(7) Barilla Pasta - $.39/ea.
1/2 gal. milk - $1.50
*(14) large boxes Jell-O - $.41/ea. (should've been $.27/ea.)
*(2) Mac'n'Cheese - $.59/ea. (should've been $.50/ea.)
(4) Campbell's Cream Soup - $.39/ea.
Log Cabin Syrup - $2.99 (it had a $.55q hangtag on it that I forgot to use!!!!!!)
3lb. Onions - $1.55
Head Lettuce - $1.45
*(3) Nestle Choc. Chips - $1.82/ea. (should've been $1.32/ea.)
*Nestle Cookie Dough - $1.49 (should've been $.99)
(2) 18ct. Eggs - $1.50/ea.
Pkg. of 5 Chicken Thighs - $.55/lb! (Manager's Special!!)
lb. Strawberries - $2.20
(2) lb. Lunchmeat - $2.99/ea. (Wow, great sale price!)
(2) lb. Bacon - $2.49/ea.
(8) Crystal Light To-Go - FREE + MoneyMaker
Apples, Oranges, Nectarines - $10.12/all
Fresh Mozzarella - $1.69 (Manager's Special - something I've wanted to try for a long time)
Kroger Salsa - $1.85
16oz. Sour Cream - $1.20
8ct. Tortillas - $1.39
Kroger Chips - $1.88 (not pictured)

Shelf Price - $148.56
Spent - $85.75
Saved - $62.81 / 42%

*Gaahhh! As I was going over the receipts, I realized that I should've gotten another $5 off my Kroger order, for buying 20 of the "buy 10, get $5 off" items. I went back over my stuff with a fine tooth comb and realized that the 2 boxes of Mac'n'cheese I was going to get for $.50/ea as "filler items" (to make it 20 items)... I grabbed the Kroger brand instead of Kraft brand. So alot of my really great deals didn't turn out as great as I thought!! Yeah, it's still less than full price, but still. That mistake cost me $5.18 :( Oh well, we live and we learn.

The whole total is up quite a bit, too, because Daniel was out of Gatorade and just about out of Pepsi, so we had to restock. The Pepsi was on a decent sale, the Gatorade - whew, when it's not on summer sale, it's not so cheap! We also got a bag of chips because the last credit card bill showed that it's a whoooole lot cheaper for me to buy a big bag of chips to send with him instead of him buying snacks here and there while he's working :P


Elizabeth said... [Reply to comment]

You still managed to put my grocery receipt to shame and I thought I did so well this week LOL!! I think it was the "I want cheese soup tonight and I don't care if Velveeta is $5 a brick" mindset that did me in. Must get rid of that mindset!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

It looks and sounds like you have some yummy food coming up at your house!

the Provident Woman said... [Reply to comment]

I'm trying to save more. I just recently bought something else to organize my coupons. We'll see if I can make good use out of it.