Thursday, June 18, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip

I have to admit that I was hoping there wouldn't be any killer deals out there this week so I wouldn't be overly tempted to stock up on something. And there weren't too many - at least not ones that caught my eye. I finally managed to come in under budget (yay!) again.

All from Kroger:
4 gal. OJ - $1.99 ea.
2 cans Pineapple Chunks - FREE
Kroger AP Flour - $1.83
2 BBQ Sauce (yes, I know... MORE) - $.25 ea.
Bread Flour - $2.49
2 A-1 Marinade - $.50 ea.
Kashi Frozen Meal - FREE
Lb. Butter - $2.15
Shamrock MMmmilk - FREE
Breakfast Cheese - $1.28
Stew Beef - $3.52

Shelf Price - $46.68
Spent - $21.30
Saved - $25.38 / 54%

I'm pretty sure this is the last week for the sale on Orange Juice (if I'm reading the shelf tag correctly), so I wanted to get several to go in the freezer. When it's not on sale like this, the cheapest way to have Orange Juice is to buy frozen concentrate for $1.46/can, that only makes 1.75 quarts... so this is really the way to go. Plus this Orange Juice is REALLY good; much, MUCH better than the concentrate (well, if I bought high-end concentrate it might taste really good, but I don't...).

The Kashi frozen meal was free because I'd signed up for a FREE coupon several months ago. It expired the end of this month so I figured I better use it :) And the pineapple was a nice surprise! It wasn't on my Grocery Game list (I'm guessing because it wasn't a low enough sale price plus there were no coupons from Sunday papers for it), but I saw that it was on sale for $1/can. I like pineapple enough that I decided to look through my coupon binder just in case I had a coupon. Lo and behold, I had two $.50 coupons that I'd printed off the internet a while back! (The Grocery Game doesn't do IPQ's) I was tickled pink since the $.50 coupon would double to $1 making the pineapple FREE!!

Here are my non-food purchases:
Food Lion, CVS & Kroger:
4 pkgs. Chinet plates - FREE*
Schick Quattro Titanium Razor - $.19
4 Suave Deodorant - FREE
Clearasil facial cleanser - $1.93
2 dog food - FREE

Shelf Price - $33.82
Spent - $2.70
Saved - $31.12 / 92%

*In all fairness, I did buy coupons for the Chinet plates off of Ebay. *Ahem*, I didn't really buy the coupons, I paid someone for their time to purchase newspapers, cut the coupons and mail them to me. It came out to $.35 per coupon, so technically the paper plates cost $.35 + the store tax.


Steph- said... [Reply to comment]

Great shopping trip! I miss Kroger's! They usually had the best sales around! Now they're an hour away.

Emily said... [Reply to comment]

ooooh. I want the $1.99 orange juice!

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

This is funny, about the coupons--you even paid money for some! Now that is serious couponing!
Hey, are you overrun with BBQ sauce? I need some, and I was going to get some the next time I go shopping, but I could buy some off you on Sat., if you need an outlet for some. Just let me know...

Oh, you did really, really well with your shopping this week!