Saturday, June 6, 2009

Visit with Glen

Last week my youngest brother, Glen, was here visiting. We had a great time :) He unloaded the dishwasher every day, helped hang out and get in laundry, we played catch a couple evenings until the bugs got too bad, he mowed our yard, discovered several popped nails on our back steps and pounded them back in, cleaned out the car, helped Daniel put up baseboard, went grocery shopping with me, we went and picked strawberries together, cooked together....

and he had lots of "vacation time". He thoroughly raided our movie stash. While we were in Kroger he found a DVD pack of "18 Original Shows" of the Ninja Turtles, better known as "TMNT". He bought it and brought it home, and I think that by the weekend I could sing the theme song forwards, backwards, upside down and inside out. LOL, I was about to go crazy!

We also played a couple games of Settlers of Catan, and one evening while waiting for supper to finish, Daniel and Glen played cards. Daniel kept beating Glen, so Glen would change the game, and Daniel would still beat him. After losing repeatedly, Glen said he just wasn't going to play cards with Daniel anymore :P

When we played Settlers, Glen and I would have fun arranging our pieces.
Mine:Well into the game.This was the only game I won in this "tournament". A glass of water got bumped and our whole game board was officially baptized so we had to take it apart quickly. I had the most points at the time, so I was declared the winner.

Here are Daniel and Glen playing cards:
We had a good time having him here, and I hope he did, too :)


Steph- said... [Reply to comment]

It sounds like you had a great time together. I'm glad you enjoyed your special time (even if he did eat you out of house and home). ;)