Friday, June 12, 2009

Weekly Grocery Shopping

This week I had a very busy Wednesday and Thursday, preparing the house and meal for the company we had last night. I didn't get this posted right away, but at least I'm still in the same week :P If you read my last post, you'll know why there are no non-edibles in this picture. And also why the end total is quite a bit higher than my regular budget.

Kroger, Food Lion and WalMart:

*5lbs. Vidalia Onions - $2.99
2 gal. Orange Juice - $1.99 ea. (1 for freezer)
*Dry Red Wine - $6.00
*Salad Mix - $1.85 (markdown)
8 ct. Gatorade - $5.00
Country Crock - $.99
*Red Raspberries - $1.98
6 (8oz) cheese (shredded & block) - $.67 ea.
Grapes - $.99/lb
Head Lettuce - $1.45
*Broccoli - $1.00
*Zucchini/Squash - $.99/lb
*Lemon - $.48
*Lime - $.59
*2 Roasts - $8.49
*1 lb. Red Potatoes - $1.49
*Mushrooms - $1.65
*Bacon - $2.50
Eggs - $1.77
1.05 lb. Hot Pepper Cheese - $3.14 ($2.99/lb)
6 Candy Bars - $.22/ea

Shelf Price - $96.27
Spent - $54.70
Saved - $41.57 / 43%

* Things I bought to make the meal for our company last night :) VERY good and well worth it (the food was great and the company well worthy of the meal)! Of course I didn't use everything, I only used 2 of the onions and part of the wine, but those are items I'll use over time and won't have to go buy next time I need them :)

I bought the Hot Pepper Cheese before I realized that the other cheese was on sale and that I could use some coupons to get a super-duper-hot-smokin' deal. But now we are well stocked in the cheese department for a while :) It pays to grab coupons that are hanging around the store even if that item isn't on sale right then! I grabbed the 2% cheese coupons probably a month ago... and didn't feel bad taking several of them. I wouldn't normally buy 2% cheese, but when it's on sale and I can get it for $.67... you betcha I'm gonna get as many as I have coupons for! I did check the shelf tag to make sure I couldn't wait until next week, but the sale ends before I'd be going back to the store so I went ahead and grabbed them this week. Back to the Hot Pepper Cheese... Daniel loves it!! It's not very hot when you eat it, but the after-burn has a pretty decent kick!

I didn't get a picture, but here's the non-food items that I got this week. They will come out of a budget other than the grocery budget.

36ct. Chinet Paper Plates - FREE
2 Lysol Toilet Bowl Cleaner - $.49/ea
1 Lysol All Purpose Spray - $.59
2 Bounty Paper Towels - $.50/ea
12 BIG Roll Charmin Toilet Paper - $4.99
1 Gillette Venus Spa Breeze Razor - FREE

Shelf Price - $32.68
Spent - $8.23
Saved - $24.45 / 75%


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I still think you did really well, even if it's more than your previous budget. Wow! Reading about cheese makes me want to eat some now! I wish I could have been an invisible attendee at your supper, I think the food must have been to die for!

JeannaMO said... [Reply to comment]

For the little pies, did you use pie crust? When I looked up the Pampered chef tool, it mentioned using slices of bread. Please post how you made these. They look adorable. I was going to make pies for a party using a muffin tin, but these look easier! Please explain more :)