Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Weekly Shopping Trip 6/24

I haven't even figured it all out yet, so I'll be doing that as I go along. (Yesterday when I wrote this line, I had no idea.........)

Kroger & Food Lion:

17 (32oz.) Gatorade - $.58 ea.
Lettuce - $1.45
Gal. Orange Juice - $1.99 (Yippee! New sale!)
2 (1.4?lb.) pkgs. Ground Chuck - $4.56 ($1.5?/lb - I'm too lazy to get up and go look at it)
2 Breakfast Cheese - $.97 ea.
Mustard - $.49
*another* BBQ Sauce - FREE
Shamrock MMmmmilk - FREE (Thank you, MIL's neighbor who keeps giving her old coupon inserts!)
Wacky Mac Pasta - $.59
Beef Hotdogs - $.49
GrillMates Marinade - $.19
Doz. Eggs - $1.29
4 Peaches - $.99 (4th peach went missing at breakfast this a.m. :) )

Shelf (before savings/coupons): $58.64
Spent: $24.52
Saved: $34.12 / 58%

Kroger & Food Lion:

4 Chinet Plates - FREE
Edge Shave Gel - $1.25
40 ct. Hefty Trash Bags - $3.69
Dog Food - FREE
Lightbulb - $3.75

Shelf (before savings/coupons): $27.91
Spent: $9.45
Saved: $18.46 / 66%

Note of caution: Please don't try and figure out the math here. I promise that the item prices won't match the spent/saved stuff. For starters, I applied the bag buy back to the food items (since that's mostly what I bought). Then the cashier scanned in the free dog food coupon for more than the shelf price, and scanned a $1.00 coupon twice (I didn't notice it till I got home). So yeah, it's all mixed up. But, my shelf, spent and saved amounts ARE right. Just pretend like you never pay attention anyway and that this "note" is unnecessary. Thanks :)

And, now, for anyone who is interested in how Kroger figures their taxes, I have it all written out here on a piece of paper. And that piece of paper is going to go under lock and key. It took Daniel and I about 100 hours yesterday and me another 50 hours today to figure it out. It's simple - once you have if figured out. But before that it's just hairy, confusing, mumbo-jumbo.

And now that I have this all polished off and ready to go to press, I'm gonna run spell check real quick, publish this thang, and then go get on with my day. I could not get dressed, eat breakfast, do laundry, scrub the floor, or be super-woman until I got this taken care of. And I think a bird just flew into the window... I heard a loud "clunk". See, even the birds are confused over all this. I need to go tell them I got it all figured out, they don't need to bang their heads up against windows anymore.

Came back to edit. Heh-heh (*evil grin*) I had put the extra $1.00 towards the non-food. Just now I realized that if I put it towards my food I could come in under budget. :D Guess where I put it?? :D


Judi B said... [Reply to comment]

So aren't you going to tell us how Kroger does the tax?

Sally said... [Reply to comment]

Yeah, let's hear how Kroger's sloughs off the money for Uncle Sam; before coupons or after, or doing it twice once before and again after, etc.

Looks like you do really well, especially with the paper plates. Hey, you should save yourself detergent and just eat off those free paper plates all the time! Why wash dishes? That's more expensive! Oh, don't go all the way and eat the free dog food--that might kill you! It's not worth it, even if it's free...