Saturday, May 6, 2017

Sylvia - 16 months ~ Originally written July 2013

It is hard to believe that a whole 16 months have passed since Sylvia came into my arms as a tiny baby (well, an almost 9 lb. tiny baby :) ). She is not so little anymore!!

This summer she has really started using words and will imitate some sounds for us. She knows some baby sign language and we know how to read her.  Her verbal vocabulary consists of Dah! (still said as a shriek if she hasn't seen him for a while), Ma, sometimes 'Nuh (for Susannah), up, hot, help, kitty, ha (like "haha") and the animal sounds meow and ROAR.  Her sign language is very basic, please, all done, milk/drink, and thank-you.

She did a little singing early this spring, but that was short-lived and I haven't heard her sing in quite a while. She DOES sing with her hands, though! It is not unusual for her to burst into song, doing hand motions to many of the songs we sing throughout the days. I just have to figure out which song she's motioning for since she wants me to sing it. :)