Saturday, May 6, 2017

Pictures from Christmas 2013

Susannah age 3 3/4, Sylvia age 1 3/4.   I was 6 months pregnant with Charity.

We had very simple gifts this year. Now that I am editing and publishing this 3+ year old post, I don't even remember what they were! I think books. Maybe coloring books and special colored pencils or something.

We also had Christmas stockings for the first time.  I bought sweaters from Goodwill and made stockings from them. 

In the stockings were new toothbrushes, some fun individual snacky things that are special, and in the toe of the stocking an orange, just like in the Laura Ingalls Wilder books. :)

One gift we gave Susannah was a ladybug necklace. She loved all things ladybug and Daniel called her "Ladybug".

I made a birthday cake for Jesus, we sang Happy Birthday, and the girls blew out the candles.

Tucking their dollies into a hand-me-down cradle we were given, and I had kept hidden away to give them at Christmas.