Thursday, April 24, 2014

Resurrection Sunday

Since Sunday was going to be a full day and we had to be at church early (ah, the life of a musician's family!!) I knew the only way to be successful and sane was to prepare as much as possible before going to bed Saturday. Since Resurrection/Easter Sunday is such a special event to us as Christians, it was fun to take extra time picking out our clothes to wear to church. I started with Susannah and Sylvia's dresses, wondering if I would be able to have us ALL matching this year. Lo and behold, with some digging around in my and Charity's clothes, I found us all clothes that coordinated! I was pretty excited since it doesn't happen very often and I think this is the first Easter Sunday that I've been able to do this.

Charity dressed and ready for church. As soon as she was finished eating her "first breakfast"
Sunday morning, I got her dressed. One down, however many to go!

After our wonderful, wonderful service (that I didn't want to end) Daniel and the girls went to get lunch while I fed Charity. They ate in the car and then we did a full round of potty trips before hitting the road for a 2.5 hour trek to my parents. We didn't have to make any stops and the girls traveled pretty well. I wanted to nap but only managed to rest and doze. Such is life!

When we got to my parents (aka "The Ranch") it was time to feed Charity again. As soon as she finished eating I re-combed hair and straightened bows and got a quick picture taken. (Sylvia hasn't warmed up to the idea of smiling with other people are behind the camera...)

Then the girls got to change into play clothes and the fun began.  My mom got out her wooden puzzles for Sylvia (a puzzle shark!) and she spent lots of time learning the new-to-her puzzles and involving other people to help her. Towards the end of our day there, my dad was sitting on the couch and she took puzzles to him to work on together.

Sylvia, Aunt Gail and Hannah

Susannah enjoys the vast expanse of books in Grandma's big library.

After dinner, a few big people went outside and hid the oodles of Easter Eggs that my sister and her husband provided. Then the cousins enjoyed an egg hunt!  It was a new experience for Susannah and Sylvia and they both got help from Aunts and Uncles with finding eggs. I'm afraid their experienced cousins had them beat in the number of eggs found, but they had fun and didn't care. :)

Sylvia and Aunt Gail

Susannah and Auntie Juls

At the end of the day we loaded up our tired crowd and made our way back over the mountain to our beds. It was a good day, starting out rejoicing in Christ conquering death that we might live, and ending with time spent with family.


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