Thursday, May 8, 2014

The Cutest Monkeys!

These monkeys have pigtails and are named Susannah and Sylvia. :-)  With today being warm (around 90°) it is a good day to get lots of fresh {pollen-laden!} air, sunshine and exercise. During one of Charity's naps I went outside and pushed the girls on the swings for a while before they moved on to "monkeying".

Sylvia is still finding her Monkey-footing and Monkey-grip so I stayed close to her as she wanted to do everything her bigger, more experienced-at-monkeying sister did. Many times I heard "Wook, Mama, wook!!" as she climbed and hung and practiced.

Susannah has been monkeying for 2 years now so she's more advanced and is learning the art of free hanging and then regaining her footing.  A few days ago she had a minor mishap but was certain she was dying. I explained to her that "monkeying" involves risk, and if she was going to climb and hang she was also going to possibly fall sometimes. She said "ok!" and climbed right back up to where she had fallen from. :-)

My parents gave us this swing-set a few years ago and I really enjoy having it. It is a place for my kids to expel energy as they fly up to the sky on the swings, strengthen muscles and core balance as they "monkey" and probably most challenging, learning how to share and take turns.


Katie said... [Reply to comment]

What sweet little monkeys! Yay for the swing set so they can have fun burning off some energy.