Saturday, April 19, 2014

Life As Five

Is an adventure. :)


Morning pajama clad bed-heads. :) (And one wearing Sunday shoes because she loves shoes like that.)

Picnics in the living room when Charity needed to eat at lunchtime.

Lots of playing on the couch. Sometimes it's a house (they are actually both sitting in the "bathroom" in these two pictures!), sometimes it's a car, and when they throw the cushions on the floor it becomes an ocean for jumping and diving. (Hopefully no stitches or casts will come from these grand adventures...) These kind of adventures are the reason we said "yes!" to this ugly, huge, well-worn couch that fits nicely in our living room. It provides a great indoor place to have lots of fun of all kinds!

Talking to Aunt Lucy who lives far, FAR away with her big dog "Gunfer" (as they say "Gunther").


Rosie said... [Reply to comment]

Oh your kids are adorable! Enjoy every minute of it.

sally said... [Reply to comment]

I loved, loved, LOVED the pictures! I'm shocked and impressed that you not only have your girls dressed, but their hair combed and in pigtails!!! You are the momma! Slow down! You're making me look bad.

Seriously, Sylvia looks so cute and expressive. It looks like you trimmed her bangs since I was there. She is really lovely, as are all your girls. Can't wait to see everyone again tomorrow.

Jen said... [Reply to comment]

A beautiful family, Miriam ... the girls are adorable! Love their adventures, they have quite the imaginations! The pigtails are super cute! Thanks for sharing! I was wondering how you all were making out! I remember when #3 came along!