Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Going to the Fair ~ Part 2

After looking at animals and Susannah enjoying some of the rides, we decided it was a good time to figure out our supper. We had planned to eat "fair food", choosing to splurge with our entertainment fund. :)  Susannah and Sylvia had their first ever corn-dog (they split a foot-long one), Daniel and I each had a foot-long corn-dog and we all shared a "curly fry". Their "curly fries" are one enormous potato spiral cut and french-fried. It was a massive bowl full! Oddly enough, the corn-dog tasted good to me. I don't know why but it did!! We did take along plenty of water so we wouldn't have to spend money on drinks.

There were no utensils for our food so we used Daniel's pocketknife to cut Sylvia's corn-dog into pennies, and used napkins for "plates".  They had little picnic tents set up around the food area which made it very nice to sit down for a while.

Susannah is a snuggler. :)

I asked Daniel to take a picture of Sylvia and me, and she reached up and shared some of her corn-dog when I leaned down toward her!

After our high-cholesterol meal, we meandered our way to the "big wheel" so we could all ride the Ferris Wheel. I did not ask Susannah to smile for either of these next two pictures. She was having so much fun so much of the time.

The Ferris Wheel was the longest "line" we had to wait in, maybe for all of 5 minutes. It was also the ride we got our most money's worth from as we went around more times than we thought we would!  By this time Sylvia was getting tired and snuggled with me much of the ride, but Susannah really enjoyed it.

After the Ferris Wheel we decided to start working our way towards the car. Susannah wanted to look at the rabbits again, so we did that. Then we found the tent with a giraffe, some kangaroos and some other animals (a miniature yak maybe?) but surprisingly none of them really interested Susannah.

What did pique her interest, though, was the equipment displays at the front of the fair entrance. We made a slight detour so she and Sylvia could climb on the various tractors, gators, lawn-mowers, etc. This revived both of them and they had a lot of fun!


After we were finished looking at the equipment (and Daniel and I gathered our jaws up off the ground; they kept falling there when we would see the price-tags!) we looked at a combine and the pen where the fair-cows were spending the night. Susannah got to pet one of the cows, Sylvia wasn't too sure about them as many were lowing and it was a bit loud.

There was a Virginia Tech booth right there that was selling bar-b-que and for some reason I really wanted some (I was hungry and it smelled SO GOOD). We had taken some cash along figuring some of the booths would be cash-only, and it happened that the bar-b-que booth was one and we were $1 short! *sigh* My taste-buds were disappointed but I knew I would live just fine.

The walk back to our car felt like miles and miles and by this time my feet, legs and hips were aching. The girls were tired and one rode the stroller and Daniel carried the other on his shoulders. We made it to the car and back home for a late bed-time.

I can't say that this trip to the fair was something that really excited me, personally, and I don't know if I would go just to go, but it was so much fun taking the girls and enjoying it through their eyes. That made it everything we wanted it to be and then some. :)  I doubt we'll make this an annual tradition but we'll probably do it again sometime and I know Susannah will remember this trip for a very long time.


sally said... [Reply to comment]

I know your girls had a great time, and I know how much fun it is to help your kids enjoy something. So sorry you didn't get the bar-b-que! Maybe you can make some sometime soon.

Amanda said... [Reply to comment]

It looks like the girls had a blast! Great pictures for you to remember the trip!

Anonymous said... [Reply to comment]

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