Thursday, October 3, 2013

Frogs, Ladybugs and Well Check-ups

Yesterday before naptime for the girls I managed to wash (before lunch) remake their beds (after lunch) and give both girls baths (also after lunch). Since we had church in the evening I went ahead and dressed them in the clothes they would wear for church. As it turned out - unplanned - they not only color coordinated but both were wearing some special clothes.

Auntie Juls (my sister) gave Susannah this ladybug skirt this spring knowing that Susannah loves anything and everything that has to do with ladybugs. :)  It was a little big this spring and summer so I'm really glad for the warm weather we're having right now so she can wear it! She is pretty excited about it. :-)

Sylvia's jumper, which is pink, green and white stripes with little green frogs in the stripes, is one that my mother-in-law made for our niece when she was little. Since it has been out-grown in that family, it has been passed on to ours. I am glad that Sylvia is able to wear it!

On a slightly different note, both girls had well-check-ups on Tuesday.  Susannah doesn't weigh much more than Sylvia, who weighs a hefty 27 pounds. Susannah is in the 75th percentile for her height and weight; Sylvia is in the 90th for height and weight and her head is in the 99th. Sylvia's love for food shows on the scale (I think she has lead in her bones!) and obviously she puts her big head to good use with being as smart as she is. ;-)  The Dr. was not concerned with her head size as her proportions have remained steady all of her 19 months of life. :)