Monday, October 21, 2013

A Little of This and That

This past Sunday afternoon the sewing bug bit. I him-hawed a bit about starting a new project I really want to do or finishing one I started a couple years ago (isn't that embarrassing?!). I decided to be responsible and finish the already started project. I bought this fabric about 8 years ago from the remnant section at WalMart; it was very inexpensive. I bought it planning to make curtains for our then living room. I never got around to it and eventually decided I didn't want that fabric in the living room anyway.  Then we had our major move-the-kitchen/remodel project and I realized the fabric was perfect for in the kitchen. Fast forward to Sunday, and I discovered how very close to finished the two valances actually were. I just had to finish sewing the rod-pockets and they were ready to hang. I got my sewing therapy AND have a finished project. :-)  Daniel hung one of the valances for me last night; when I can find another curtain rod or go buy another one, we'll have them both hung up. It's been a long time coming and I really like them.

Over the summer, and more seriously this fall, Daniel has been working at splitting and stacking wood for this winter. He split plenty by hand, but a few weeks ago he borrowed a splitter and really went to town with it. The entire back row is filled, and the front row is almost filled now. With the weather turning cooler this week I'm really thankful for his dedication and hard work!  In fact, tonight - after running an after-hours call for work and getting home at 8:30 - he is working at cleaning out the chimney for the wood-stove so that we can start the stove. I'm not sure if we'll have our first fire tonight or later this week.

Susannah and Sylvia have been enjoying the out-of-doors this fall. One day after lunch we went out and after taking pictures of the different colors of leaves I took some of them. I like this one even though it's a little posed. :-)

I have been feeling great the past several days and last week made good progress on my purge and organize the kitchen project. I think that tomorrow I will tackle the food cupboards and maybe even the fridge if I get that far. So far I am doing it the lazy way and haven't done any specific cleaning. At some point, though, the cabinet fronts desperately need wiped off.

Somehow I am still in a major don't-want-to-cook rut. Eggs? I love eggs. I would eat them for every meal if I could. Almost all of my breakfasts these days are eggs in some form. The other night I even made eggs for my 4th meal. Lunch and dinner? I don't really have any desire or clue what to make.  I don't know if I need new recipes or what. Maybe I'll try a new soup recipe this week that I've always thought sounded good.

Daniel is on call this week and with the weather turning cold at the same time, I'm trying to mentally prepare myself for long, single-parenting days ahead. On that note, it is almost midnight and I should be heading to bed so I can be rested up for another day tomorrow.


Rachel said... [Reply to comment]

I hear you on the long single parenting days. I am trying to mentally prepare myself for those on this maternity leave as I think it will be more difficult with it being in the winter and since I normally only get the long evenings and Saturdays after long days here at work. I am sympathizing with you on the lack of cooking inspiration; I am right there with you. If only we didn't have to eat!

I love splitting firewood; with the splitter that is. I was thinking the other day that I am going to ask Ted to move the splitter home after the baby is born so I can work at what is in the yard. Someday I am determined to master the axe but for now am satisfied with the splitter because I am sure I will cut my leg off with the axe and I really can't be laid up with two babies that aren't walking;) Hmmm.. maybe I should have Ted bring the splitter home now; perhaps heaving the big pieces of wood around would bring on the baby. Can you tell I am getting impatient!

Lucy said... [Reply to comment]

I just had to laugh at the last paragraph from Rachel!!! :)

Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Yay for getting projects done!

This whole pregnancy I have felt in a rut about what to cook. Actually, I haven't felt like planning, grocery shopping, cooking or anything. Ugh. Thankfully we haven't starved :)