Tuesday, February 5, 2013

In The Month of January ~ Looking Back

 Sylvia learned to crawl.  She gets around quite well now. :)   And somehow knows if someone is in the bathroom, she heads right to the door!

With learning to crawl, she started pondering our [unfinished] stairs.  Within a few days I'd bid, won and received a baby-gate from ebay and Daniel installed it.
Susannah loves to paint with the easel and paints that we gave her for Christmas.  This is a special treat that she gets to do probably once a week when I can supervise and dole out the paint a tsp. or so at a time.

Sylvia loves to sit at the piano and play it.  :)

The 2nd week of January the weather was dry and Daniel was getting home from work early.  I asked him if he could till the garden, and he did.  I was really glad about that, as the next week it started a long period of raining or snowing frequently.  If we had not tilled it, we probably would not have been able to before time to plant.

Sylvia had an allergic reaction to a food one evening.  After this, I realized that she'd reacted similarly - but not as severely - twice before.  The day after this was a well-check-up, and the Dr. prescribed an epi-pen for us to have on hand.  We're not sure what she reacted to, but thankfully she hasn't had any reactions since (I have also been careful about what she eats).

I did a germination test on "old" pea and corn seeds that had been in the freezer.  100% germination! I am happy that I won't have to buy corn and pea seeds this year.

 Susannah loves to play with her play-dough and likes me to help her make food.
She is a good mama to her Baby. :)

Play-dough with Susannah keeps the house a little more "lived in" looking, but she enjoys it SO much!

One chilly day she was wearing her "ugly Christmas sweater" and a baby's head-band around her head.  She was quite the sight!
 The 1st snow of the year was very wet and muddy. She spent most of her time dipping mud-water from a puddle and pouring it somewhere else. :)  ALL of her outerwear went in the washing machine after this!

Enjoying her first mug of hot chocolate, after playing in the snow of course. :)
 Snow and dirt cookies after the 2nd snow.

 One warm day I took the pak'n'play outside so we could all get some fresh air.  I raked up a big pile of leaves while the girls played.
 Sylvia has dropped her morning nap for the most part, this day she fell asleep waiting for lunch.

Dressed for church.


Kelly said... [Reply to comment]

Yay for Sylvia learning to crawl! I don't know what it is with babies and bathrooms, but Asher does the same thing! :)
I'm sure Susannah loved playing in the snow!