Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Tiny Talk Tuesday ~ Bring Back My Body!

 Wearing Daddy's knee-pads
(that Mama wore to paint in the addition) 

The other evening Daniel was looking for a certain part among his pile of "stuff" on the kitchen counter.  Susannah was watching him dig and sort to no avail.  I was at the stove cooking, and commented to Susannah that we could pray and ask Jesus to help Daddy find the diodes (a part for the generator).  When I finished what I was doing at that minute, I was going to pray with her about the missing diodes.  Before I could do that, she started praying out loud.  I turned around to look, and she was standing there with her hands together, looking up, saying "Dear Lord Jesus, please help find Daddy's diodes.  Diodes missing, help find them..." and so on.  After a bit, she gave an "amen" and was finished praying.  It was very cute, but also encouraging to see her copying a GOOD thing.  While I know she doesn't have a full understanding of praying yet, I am pleased to see the positive impression OUR praying is having on her.  (He did not find the diodes, and I need to talk to her about how sometimes God gives a "no" or "not yet" answer to prayer, even if she won't fully understand.)
In the new part of the house, we don't have registers over the floor vents yet.  One day Susannah was looking out the window, standing right beside the hole in the floor.  As I watched, she was debating stepping into the hole.  I told her not to step in the hole, and she piped up "Susannah would be missing! Daddy have to find you!"  I chuckled and assured her that she would not be missing (the hole is not big enough for her to fit down, of course), but that she could hurt her leg and mess up Daddy's hard work.

One day recently, Susannah went back into her room...
a few minutes later she came back like this:
Swim goggles, Sylvia's paci, blankie & Bearie! 

Susannah has a big fascination with anything bug-like that moves.  With the addition, we have spiders a-plenty in the house.  One night, with permission, she was chasing a Granddaddy-long-leg spider around the bathroom floor.  Then while my skin crawled, she picked him up!  And she thought his wiggling around was funny!  After a little bit, and some pictures, I helped her put him outside.

Susannah and the Granddaddy-long-leg spider

Yesterday Susannah was singing "Bring back, bring back, bring back my body to me!  Bring back, bring back, bring back my body to me!"  Of course she was singing "Bring back my BONNIE to me" but it was coming out as "body", which makes for quite a hilarious mental picture!

Sporting a band-aid on her VERY lightly "skinned" knee. 
'Cause at her age, "ban-aids" make EVERYthing better!


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I LOVE the bug pic!!!! SOOooo cute!!! Auntie Juls