Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sitting, Schooling, Sleeping

Just a few pictures from the past few weeks. :)

I have borrowed the huge story cards* from my Mom.  There are Bible Stories as well as animal stories to correspond with a letter/sound of the alphabet.  A couple times a week, I'll read one to Susannah.  Her favorite one is the Aging Ape story (long A sound).  One day she asked to read the story to her bear.

(It really is not that cold in our house to need a jacket and hat :)  We had just come in from being outside on a cool day.)

With all the painting I've been doing, Susannah has been able to join in with her "new" paint with water book from Grandma. :)

This has been Sylvia's sleeping arrangements from the first day she came home from the hospital.  Tucked into the only space in our room that we could fit the pak'n'play.   At first we didn't put her in Susannah's room because her middle of the night wakings would wake up Susannah.  Now they would probably just wake each other up earlier in the mornings that they should wake up. :)

Last week, at 7 months of age, Sylvia accomplished sitting on her own.  Surprisingly, she hasn't had any major falls or bumps from this position.  She looks like such a big girl, sitting up!

Susannah and Daniel one Saturday morning.

Sylvia and me.  There are so few pictures of me and the girls together, so I decided to start taking more of them, even if I'm in need of a shower or hair-brush!  Life has been exceedingly busy this season, and it is what it is!

*By the way, I would love to have a set of those large story cards but they are out of print.  If anyone has a set, or knows of someone that has a set, lying around collecting dust that you wouldn't mind selling, I would love to know!  :-)  They are from a homeschooling curriculum, A.C.E's Learning To Read program.


Sally said... [Reply to comment]

I loved seeing these pictures and reading this post! Susannah is so cute in that hat. I loved seeing her read those stories to her bear. When you are done with them, I need to read them to Marie. She has never heard them. I too wish I had a set of my own. If you turn up multiple sets, please let me know!