Monday, October 15, 2012

One Goal

This week is the first part of a turning point for me, us and our house.  Or so I have decided. :) 

I think that since day 1 of moving into our original, tiny little house (Ooooh, sometimes I wonder why and how we EVER decided to purchase such a small space! The 2.5 acres in our price-range had something to do with it, I'm sure.) there has constantly been SOMETHING going on in the re-modelling department.  We are certainly no strangers to living around or amid construction, big or small.  It seems so long ago, but up until Susannah was born we always had at least 1 room out of commission because of construction.  Only when she was born did we finally utilize every room of the house for actual living space.  We've been working around the living, or living around the working, since.

Knowing that's not likely to change anytime soon for multiple reasons, life must go on.  This past week with much detriment to the normal housework that needs to happen, I gritted my teeth and with great determination got the new living room floor painted. I can't tell you how fallen-apart the existing house is as a result of weeks of painting as the main goal!!  Not literally, but in all manner of housekeeping - and add in that people have been giving/loaning us clothes for Susannah that we NEED for this winter but I don't have a PLACE for - the house is a wreck. A royal wreck. Haha, Daniel asked me this morning to find him 1 sock, a pair of jeans and a work shirt (he'd found everything else already).  When I cut the light on in the laundry room, I just laughed.  Folding laundry is only one of many things that has been dropped off the "need to" list for the past several weeks.  The method is wash the clothes, dry the clothes in the dryer, then when I need the dryer for a new, wet load, the laundry in the dryer comes out of the dryer and goes onto the clean pile.  When clean clothes are needed, you dig through the pile (and hopefully find what you're after...)!  We haven't had to go around un-clothed so it's working ok.

There is still the downstairs school/office/play room, 1/2 bath and foyer to paint, but for yet another construction project in the works (ripping out the old front door/wall), I decided to save the paint-job for after that is finished. So, where does that leave us?  With a pretty-much otherwise ready to move into addition. :)  Yep!  Oh, no, it's not anywhere near "finished" for real.  There is still much to be done out there to get it really and truly complete.  But it (aside from the bathrooms) is fully functional.  If you don't mind not having window trim, baseboard or any doors, that is. :)  Where's the adventure in having everything perfect?!  :-P

All that to say, I am ready - no, I'm BEYOND ready - to regain a sense of normalcy in our home and in our family.  The money is gone.  We can't do any more work on the addition without saving up to do it. (Thanks to the county for requiring us to bury about 1/4 of our budget underground in an expensive septic system upgrade, we joke that our doors, trim and floors are buried out in the side-yard.)  Not only for my own sake, but for the sake of the girls, we need to get back to normal.

So, what is this One Goal that I have titled this post for?  That one goal, my friends, is to START MOVING IN this week!!!!!!!!!

Actually, my goal is a little bit smaller than that.  My goal is to get Sylvia moved into the nursery and begin housekeeping and homemaking again.  My goal is to put my "working on the addition" hat more towards the back (waaay towards the back) and put my Wife, Mama and Home-Maker hats at the very front (this may even include showering more than absolutely necessary!).

For Sylvia to move into the nursery (and out of our room! Yay!), I need to come up with coverings for 2 windows and her door.  Those things are probably going to be very makeshift for now, but I have some ideas and plan to begin working on them possibly even today.  Then I need to get the crib taken apart and moved up there, and then I get to move her clothes into a dresser.  Finally!!  No more living from boxes, tubs and piles! Woot!

My housekeeping goals for this week are to get laundry and the kitchen back under control.  It really won't take that long to do it, but it might seem to take a long time as I work around potty trips, diaper changes, feedings, meals, COOKING AND BAKING! (Oh my, I hope I haven't forgotten how!), playing, reading stories, and oh, I can't tell you how happy and excited my heart is.

This is a huge, huge blessing and also it is going to be a huge, huge transition for us.  One we have been looking forward to for about 3 years now (we broke ground Oct. 2010 after about a year of thinking, planning and more thinking and planning). 

Ok, I am off to do a really quick Happy Dance, then it's time for little people to get up and I'm don't have to think about painting today!!!!!!!!!!!